How Kratom Can Help You with Muscle Pain?

Pain is inevitable, and perhaps you will hardly find a person who has never suffered from it in their life. These pains can differ from one person to another. So, a proactive person can have muscular pain while doing their daily work, but people with a nine to five workday schedule can also feel the same pain doing their deskwork. 

As time advances, the concept of pain, anxiety, stress become a common issue in everyone’s life. And so, the medication for pain also became our primary concern. While many people are moving towards vital prescribed medicines to cure muscular pain, some opt for herbal remedies. Kratom is a possible herbal replacement for mainstream allopathic medicines to reduce muscle pains and tensions.

What is Kratom?

Mitragyna Speciosa, commonly known as Kratom, is a medicinal herb. This herb is found widely in the Southeastern parts of Asia. It has been used as a medicinal herb in native Indonesia Thailand for centuries. Kratom strains are mainly divided into three types depending on the Kratom veins’ color (this also determines the work of each strain). Like the white vein, Kratom leaves help gain energy, Red veins simulate good sleep, relaxation, and the green veins bring more mixed results than the previous ones.

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There are many ways to consume Kratom such as kratom powder, kratom capsules, and kratom tea but the most common way to use Kratom is to dry the leaves in the shade first, then grind it to a smooth powder, mix it with water, and brew in tea. Nowadays, Kratom factory-made strains and capsules are available for easy consumption. You can buy kratom kilos for sale near me from your smartphone within a few seconds by visiting a reputable online store like Soap Korner.

How does Kratom help in reducing muscular pain?


  • Kratom can alter the neurochemical response to any bodily stimulation and thus successfully numbs muscular pain. It gains this result by interacting with body opioids which helps in blocking pain stimulus.
  • Kratom is also good in cases of muscle injuries and tight muscles as it also help in relieving tremors and tensions in the muscle. Kratom alters our perception by modifying the neurotransmitter levels, which again helps reduce pain. 7-hydroxy mitragynine is one of the two significant alkaloids of Kratom, which has pain-reducing properties.
  • Kratom can regulate how your mind reacts to the stimulation of pain as it changes dopamine levels in the Central Nervous System. Dopamine can exuberate feelings of comfort and thus reduce muscle irritations.
  • Kratom indirectly affects people’s perception by interacting with another neurotransmitter- serotonin. This helps people overcome hypertension and anxiety usually caused by acute pain, which is again helpful in continuing daily activities.

Know the best Kratom strains for healing muscle pain

At first, you should be aware of the concentration of alkaloids in strains you are buying to reduce muscular pain. As we have said earlier, 7-hydroxy mitragynine has most of the pain-relieving properties in Kratom. So, it would be good to go with the red strain, which has a large amount of 7-hydroxy mitragynine concentrated. Thus, reading and understanding alkaloid information on the pack of the strain you are buying (if there is any) is helpful.

  • Red Bali 


Red Bali can be your first choice among the red strain products as it is suitable for beginners. It contains red kratom strains of medium strength which is helpful in mild to moderate pain issues. However, it may not be much effective in severe pain.

  • Red Borneo

Red Borneo is quite similar to Red Bali in terms of strength. Therefore, it is suitable for mild pains. Moreover, many people like it because of its calming effect on the body and mind. It helps the muscle to relax and alleviates any painful sensation.

  • Red Maeng Da

As mentioned above, this red vein Kratom strain is more potent than the two others. Hence, this strain is more helpful for intense muscular pain. On the other hand, many red strain users consider Red Maeng Da kratom as the most effective in reducing muscle pain and relaxing the body at the same time.

Know the conditions for consuming Kratom strain for muscle pain

Kratom strains have become very popular in recent days to cure chronic pain issues. Though many people are using this herbal medicine as a natural healing element for pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, and depression, one needs to be very careful while consuming this herbal medicine to avoid any health hazards.

Age, weight, blood pressure, and various other health conditions are factors that one should keep in mind while taking the strain. Also, different bodies react to the same strain differently, so taking the lowest quantity on the scale could be a wise choice for beginners.

Different ways of consuming Kratom strain

  • In the native lands of Bali, Indonesia and Borneo, Kratom strains are prevalent. Native people in southeast Asia have been using this herb for a long time. The most basic way of taking the herb is removing the veins and chewing the leaves in their raw form.
  • The Kratom leaves are dried and crushed to create a powder later brewed as a tea. Mixing the Kratom powder with liquids like milk, water, and juice is one way you can take the strain.
  • Kratom capsules are also available in the market and are easy to consume.

But whatever way you choose for taking the strain, you must stick to the small quantity of the substance as strong and long-term intake may cause many health issues and addictiveness.

Red kratom strain is good for muscle pain, but it also helps alleviate other bodily pains such as joint pain, neck pain, arthritis, back pain, migraine, and many others. And this is one of the significant reasons why red kratom strains are becoming famous worldwide.


While kratom strains are magical in cases of muscle pain and are in high demand in the market, we should never forget to take them carefully for our benefit. It is very effective in treating pain-related issues, and you can quickly get hold of it by ordering online. And most of the vendors ship your orders between three to four days, and some of them also provide same-day shipping.

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