SnowPlus NEON starter kit review – Dazzling, shining & dashing bling

Time to show off

Your rate of being talked to increases 200% when holding this bright color starter kit NEON through the crowd in a night club.

SnowPlus NEON starter kit reivew

“What’s this? A lighter?”

“No, a vape”

“What’s a vape, how to use it”

Without too much talking, you put it in mouth and start a vapor improvisation show winning applauds.

snowplus neon


Snowplus Night King Neon edition is a vape that has a bright green color that reflects light greatly especially at night.

SnowPlus NEON starter kit


The material of its significantly green shell should be inspired by the traffic signs on the motorway or the uniform the traffic police wear. Image driving at night, some highway traffic signs don’t have lights but they’re extremely shiny and bright when your lights shoot on it.


Thousands of this kind of pod systems were sold out at the moment it’s launched. There is even someone who bids over 1000 yuan to buy it.

Besides, it’s popular on Tik Tok:

SnowPlus NEON starter kit
Tik Tok girl shows NEON on neck, acquiring 32k likes and millions of views.

Seeing such a cute girl wearing SnowPlus NEON, we were fascinated and bought 1 immediately. Luckily, it’s in stock again and the product arrived in VAPE HK today.

SnowPlus NEON starter kit - Limited edition box front
SnowPlus NEON starter kit – Limited edition box front
SnowPlus NEON starter kit - Limited edition box back
SnowPlus NEON starter kit – Limited edition box back


1 device
400mAh battery, 8cm length

Zinc alloy, silky smooth and highly light-reflective body

SnowPlus NEON

2 pods: including
Nicotine strength: 50 mg/g
Capacity: 1.5ML – 1 pod= 500 – 600puffs= 3 packs of cigarettes

4th generation of double-seal design; embedded magnet; true feel atomizing core.

SnowPlus mint flavor pod
SnowPlus mint flavor pod

The pod’s mouthpiece is made of medical-grade plastics compliance with FDA and EU standards to ensure long-term safe use. And the e-liquid is made of edible vegetable glycerin, safe food additives and refined nicotine salt to sate exactly like real tobacco but free of tar, carbonic oxide or smoke.

SnowPlus also develops other cute flavors for young people, cooperates with major music festivals such as Strawberry, Mini flute and Spring wave, and cooperates with CLUB and Livehouse and MIX to make their products fully reach young people’s celebrities by freebie giveaways.

1 USB Cable

The Android phone USB cable with delicate wrapping cloth skin. Pretty durable and comfortable to use ensuring 3 years lifespan.
The Android phone USB cable with delicate wrapping cloth skin. Pretty durable and comfortable to use ensuring 3 years lifespan.

This high-end USB cable also makes NEON outstanding in production details.

1 guarantee card

Guarantee card
Guarantee card

And there shouldn’t be any surprise when you found this guarantee card inside. This card ensures 1-year good quality of NEON. And you’re free to send it back for exchange or maintenance when it’s broken or has any quality problem.

We’ve examined SnowPlus classic black color edition for 2 months with frequent vaping action. And no problem has been found. It works just like a new one. That’s also why we not only recommend it, but also buy it for our friends as gifts.

The quality of this pod also bestows SnowPlus the courage to ensure the product quality for a decent time.

SnowPlus NEON starter kit
SnowPlus Doodling promotion activity work

Alternatives / Competitors

As far as we know, there is no such vape with this bright color on market at the moment. And it’s really distinctive. Even without SnowPlus brand on it, you can recognize which brand it is in a second. Let’s take a look:

SnowPlus NEON

It’s creative, beautiful and completely suitable for night club show off.

SnowPlus NEON starter kit


The sense of being is not that you try your best to make others see you, but that you are there and others can feel your strength of being.

A SnowPlus NEON pod swinging around you even makes the blind see you there.

Where to buy SnowPlus NEOW starter kit

SnowPlus NEON starter kit reivew

SnowPlus NEON
SnowPlus NEON represents fashion

PS: NEON pod system is similar to e-coffee except for the bright shell and coffee flavor, therefore, it has a similar star grade as e-coffee. See the star grade below:

Bright green color device shell
Throat hit
Vapor production
Battery durability
Starter friendly
Hand feel

SnowPlus NEON is designed for young people who like or desire to show off their difference and unique personality. It helps attract the attention of friends and passengers around the user and make the user more popular.

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