4 Tips For Taking Delta-8 THC Gummies For the First Time

Newbies and seasoned CBD consumers are showing interest in Delta-8 THC gummies for their great taste, convenience, and therapeutic effects. Over the years, delta 8 gummies have become increasingly popular for their stress-releasing and uplifting effects. As overwhelming as it may sound, these gummies are definitely worth a shot.

With that being said, consuming Delta-8 THC edibles can be nerve-wracking for the first time. Fortunately, D8 gummies are federally legal and perfectly suitable for beginners. New users who do not know their tolerance yet can start with these gummies.

4 Tips For Taking Delta-8 THC Gummies For the First Time


Delta-8 THC gummies produce less intoxicating effects than delta-9 THC edibles. Interestingly, it provides a similar high as delta-9 minus anxiety and paranoia. Instead, this high-CBD and low-THC strain relieves stress and leaves one feeling relaxed, calm, energetic, and excited.

It is a beginner-friendly strain as these gummies have fewer side effects. On top of that, a person can easily purchase it from a store and consume it discreetly. Moving along, beginners should follow the following tips to get the most out of their CBD experience.

Start With a Small Dosage


The effects of Delta-8 THC gummies vary from person to person. Hence, do not overwhelm yourself or ruin your experience by taking a high dosage. Regardless of the cannabis strains, newbies should follow the ‘start slow and low’ approach. This way, you will find the dosage that suits you the most and yields desired results.

Once you have become familiar, increase the dosage gradually, however, do not go overboard. Consuming a high dose initially may lead to experiences beginners are not ready for. Plus, the beginners will get to experience intense side effects.

Select the Right Type


The odds are you will not likely find the right type initially. Since gummies are available in numerous flavors, it requires the person to try these flavors to know the type that works for them. With that said, all gummies are equally tasty, you will likely not be disappointed no matter what flavor you go with.

Commonly, apple, lime, mango, and pineapple flavors are popular among consumers. Importantly, pay attention to the potency as it determines the intensity of the effects. Analyze the way your body responds to these tasty gummies and choose the dosage and potency.

It Takes Time to Work


In contrast to smoking and vaping, Delta-8 THC edibles require some time to take effect. If you have tried different consumption methods that work almost immediately, know that it is not going to happen with edibles.


Delta-8 THC gummies may take 30 minutes to an hour to fully experience the cognitive effects. Often, first-timers have to wait two hours to feel the effects.

Have a Friend By Your Side


Most likely, nothing bad is going to happen even if you take them alone. However, it is best to try them with a trusted friend who already has plenty of experience with different cannabis products.

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