• Gao Wenhan, Marketing Director of Greater China, ZIPPO VAZO

    VAZO: To develop overseas markets, we must respect and accommodate local culture

    “If you want to win the trust of consumers in a certain country and have a certain market acceptance in a certain country, you must understand, respect and accommodate the local people and culture.” On June 15th, at the 2022 Electronic Cigarette Industry 6th Standardization Development Conference and the 1st…

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  • VAZO launches China style vape series

    VAZO launches China style vape series

    ZIPPO VAZO, recently launched its own China-style vape series. VAZO’s new China-style vape series takes the use of IMD technology, which retains the color and is not easy to scratch, making it more delicate and durable. VAZO integrates traditional culture with current trends to make products more fashionable. Incorporating innovative…

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  • VAZO vape settled in Yonghui Supermarket

    VAZO vape settled in Yonghui Supermarket

    VAZO settled in Yonghui Supermarket, starting a new offline retail mode On April 24th, the electronic cigarette brand VAZO under Zippo officially entered Chongqing Yonghui Supermarket. Backed by Zippo’s big brand and excellent product design, VAZO gained extremely high popularity on the day it settled in. This is not the…

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  • VAZO pod system review

    VAZO pod system review

    Appearance: This time I received the VAZO starter kit with the model number 111010. This is the basic anodized aluminum panel version. In addition, there are different styles of IMD and antique silver panel kits for consumers select. It’s a common starter kit, one pod and one device. It is…

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  • Zippo vape: Vazo

    Dialogue with Zippo vape: Vazo is still working on the brand under the flood of cash burning

    Since 2019, a number of e-cigarette brands have sprung up in China. It seems that all the entrants want to “fight a bloody way” in the new blue sea and win the attention of entrepreneurs. This fight includes famous domestic IP and Internet tycoons, etc.. However, these hot-blooded entrepreneurs are…

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  • vazo4

    Zippo enters the electronic cigarette market with VAZO – Where to buy

    Holding the endorsement of Zippo, the old brand of lighter, VAZO brand entered the China market before America. Shi Runwei, director of VAZO brand, said, “Under the background of production advantages and huge market, the Chinese market is both a test field and the main battlefield. With the arrival of…

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  • Zippo Lighter Starts Producing Vapes Now

    Zippo is the world’s most famous lighter manufacturer. The meticulous quality of products has created the myth of Zippo in the fire machine manufacturing industry. For many collectors, Zippo has gone beyond the attribute of “ignition” to become a carrier of the memory of the times. Now Zippo has come…

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