• ASVAPE Vulcan PLUS pod review

    ASVAPE Vulcan PLUS pod review: a new fashion product – DirtyCheck No.137

    ASVAPE has a great and high reputation among vapers. It’s a fashion benchmark in the vaping circle. It not only produces attractive devices, but its peripherals are also popular among players and friends. Today, Captain brings you a new product from ASVAPE, Vulcan PLUS, let’s see how it performs. ASVAPE…

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  • ASVAPE will bring a variety of exhibits to attend 2021 Indonesia Vape Fair

    ASVAPE to attend 2021 Indonesia Vape Fair with a variety of exhibits

    ASVAPE will bring a variety of exhibits to participate in the 2021 Indonesia Jakarta Electronic Cigarette Exhibition. Shenzhen ASVAPE Technology Co., Ltd. (ASVAPE for short) was established in 2016. The company is committed to the research and development of healthy, high-end and fashionable electronic vaporizers and peripheral products, and provides…

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  • ASVAPE HITA 2 INK review

    ASVAPE HITA INK 2 review – DirtyCheck No.94

    ASVAPE has always been a trendy brand in the vepe field, Its product HITA was once called flashlight by everyone. It reaped a group of fans with its short and sharp appearance. Today we will talk about HITA’s second-generation products, Let’s see what surprises it brings us. HITA INK packaging…

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  • ASVAPE HITA Ink is launched

    ASVAPE HITA Ink is launched

    ASVAPE HITA Ink is launched on 11 October, 2020. This new machine uses the illustration style of Chinese ancient legend, telling Chinese myths and legends in a trendy form, engraving the fashion attitude in the soul, which is very good looking and full of historical and cultural elements. As to…

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    ASVAPE POWER PUNK e-juice review- try Miss Berry flavor – DirtyCheck No. 39

    Guide ASVAPE needn’t more introduction here, it’s our super old friend. After Hita, ASVAPE introduced nicotine salt e-liquid used with Hita. Although Hita’s product is badly criticized by Captain Dirty, Captain Dirty still think it’s reasonable to be there. And today we will take a look at this new PowerPunk…

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    ASVAPE HiTA MECH REINVENT review – DirtyCheck No. 36

    Guide In the past two years, ASVAPE has indeed made a lot of changes under the new reshuffle and brand positioning. It has abandoned some conventional designs and inherits some afterimages of ancient times. Now it’s called the SUPREME in the vaping circle and becomes popular. Today I bring you…

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  • DirtyCheck No. 19 - ASVAPE RAINBOW BABY review

    ASVAPE RAINBOW BABY review – DirtyCheck No. 20

    Guide Hello, everyone who have read the Captain Dirty’s DirtyCheck review, let’s talk about the influencer vape brand that were popular in Shanghai e-cigarette exhibition some time ago. The RAINBOWBABY produced by ASVAPE are disposable and can be thrown away once used. Speaking of this, I have been brainwashed by…

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  • ASVAPE launches the pod system VULCAN on 10th October

    ASVAPE launches the pod system VULCAN on 10th October

    ASVAPE, an electronic cigarette company positioned as a high-end electronic cigarette brand, has officially released its pod vape brand VULCAN starter kit and officially announced its entry into the electronic cigarette market. ASVAPE was founded in 2016, devoted to research and development of fashion, avant-garde, cutting-edge electronic cigarette products and…

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