ASVAPE launches the pod system VULCAN on 10th October

ASVAPE, an electronic cigarette company positioned as a high-end electronic cigarette brand, has officially released its pod vape brand VULCAN starter kit and officially announced its entry into the electronic cigarette market.

ASVAPE was founded in 2016, devoted to research and development of fashion, avant-garde, cutting-edge electronic cigarette products and accessories, and has a series of fashion clothing, to provide the most personalized electronic cigarette products and matching for fashion fans around the world.

ASVAPE launches the pod system VULCAN

ASVAPE calls itself the first pioneer brand in the domestic electronic cigarette industry. It inherits the uncompromising VAPE gene, runs through the brand attitude of ANTI SOCIAL WAY and creates a number of electronic cigarette products with distinctive styles, including ALLIANCE, SPACE, KNIGHT, GUARDIAN, DEVIL and COLOSSEUM.

In 2019, ASVAPE developed trendy products with a new cutting edge, broke barriers, gave VAPE a dynamic definition, changed noun +fy into verb, combined the concept of VAPEFY with a variety of street and trend elements, and explored the infinite possibilities of multiculturalism. Let VAPE become another fashion footnote, and let young people come to the brand “never compromise” spirit.

From several electronic cigarette products launched in the past, ASVAPE is quite cool and trendy in design.

KNIGHT series
KNIGHT series
KNIGHT series
DEVIL series
DEVIL series
DEVIL series

These products are really eye-catching in terms of design. They all emphasize the brand concept of “never compromise” of ASVAPE.

In this trend of design and product precipitation, on October 7, ASVAPE brought the latest starter kit, VULCAN, to declare its entry into the pod vape battlefield.

VULCAN is a new chargeable portable starter kit, which is made of medical grade stainless steel. Built-in ASVAPE self-developed intelligent chip REEKBOX, can quickly wake up the chip to ensure the atomization taste. The cart adopts L-type bilateral side air intake to prevent oil leakage, the top adopts oblique cut design, and the bottom adopts vacuum design to avoid condensate. Each inhalation of 80 mouthfuls will be vibration reminder 3 times.


Specifications of VULCAN pod system:

Device weight: 36.5g

Device size: 109*21*10mm

Battery capacity: 350 mAh

Cart Weight: 5g

Cart size: 40*21*10mm

Cart capacity: 1.5ML

Cart nicotine strength: 3.5%-5%

Charging mode: Type-C fast charging, 9 minutes full charge

Vibration: vibrate every 80 puffs (1 pack of cigarettes)

ASVAPE launches the pod system VULCAN on 10th October

ASVAPE launches the pod system VULCAN

 VULCAN cartASVAPE launches the pod system VULCAN

 VULCAN cart

ASVAPE launches the pod system VULCAN

The retail price of VULCAN kit is 298 yuan, 1 device and 2 pods

The cartridge set is 99 yuan for a box of three carts, 10 yuan for three silica gel nozzle cover and 5 yuan for a silica gel ring.

ASVAPE belongs to a senior electronic cigarette manufacturer, which is different from the newly established inflencer electronic cigarette brand in 2019. Through the past six series of product lines, they have very strong design ability and trendy tactile sense in product design. Now they have launched VULCAN pod system, which is equivalent to a dimension-reducing competition in the field of pods. You can think that they came in with a killer. Pods are not as complex as mods in terms of products, but the challenge is that the user base of pods will be wider and the demand will be more personalized. This is a new test.

Rich experience, sufficient funds and deep resources are the core competitiveness of e-cigarette brands. Many new brands can enter the e-cigarette market with brand potential, but ultimately found that many courses need to be filled, such as products, such as channels. Old-brand electronic cigarette companies are entering the market in the reverse direction. They have rich experience. The previous product line has also brought abundant capital trial and error, and the channel resources accumulated in the past. Now they need to make up for the construction of brand. We believe that both sides will have their own advantages. The electronic cigarette industry is a long-distance race, and ultimately depends on the user’s recognition of the product.

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