• Ovale's new pod system elips-one

    Ovale’s new pod system elips-one with controllable & refillable design

    The competition for pod market has been continuing, but the development of pod vape device has encountered a bottleneck period. The homogenization of device is becoming increasingly serious, but consumers’ enthusiasm for pod vape has not been weakened. Recently, industry veteran Ovale released a new electronic cigarette product elips-one. This…

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  • Emini-n

    Emini-n – A Small Vape with the Power Bank Function

    Because of the small size of electronic cigarette, in the absence of a revolutionary breakthrough in battery technology, continuity is still a major factor affecting the experience of small electronic cigarettes. For users who are addicted to cigarettes, it is very uncomfortable to go out and smoke without electricity. In…

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  • Ovale EMODE molecular vape

    Ovale EMODE molecular vape review

    Hello everyone, I am Vape Jesse, I am very delighted to meet you. The heating element in the atomizing core can directly affect the use effect of the vape. At present, the most common electronic cigarette heating element is a metal coil. Ovale’s latest EMODE RFA vape is not equipped with…

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