Ovale’s new pod system elips-one with controllable & refillable design

The competition for pod market has been continuing, but the development of pod vape device has encountered a bottleneck period. The homogenization of device is becoming increasingly serious, but consumers’ enthusiasm for pod vape has not been weakened. Recently, industry veteran Ovale released a new electronic cigarette product elips-one. This new product is a fillable pod system. Compared with the common pod system, the refillable one is more affordable to use, and users can choose more flavors. After working in the industry for 13 years, Ovale has always focused on user experience and made innovations.

It is understood that elips-one is more innovative than traditional integration. The device is made of glass laminating technology, leaving the traditional metal material. It feels smooth and comfortable, and the double ion exchange technology makes it more durable. The elips-one with a glass shell weighs only 64g and is as light as a feather, which is more convenient for users to carry around. Tens of thousands of times of refining of the device has created the current appearance of elips-one.

Ovale's new pod system elips-one

elips-one uses refillable cartridge. Eliquid injection in one step. It is not only convenient to operate, but also more effective to reduce the cost of later use. It is elaborately carved over and over again, presenting the perfect line of carts. The cart is more close to the mouth, and the suction experience is upgraded. The translucent shell of cart makes it easy for users to see the residual amount of vape juice in the cart.

Ovale's new pod system elips-one

elips-one’s ingenious design, taking into account both aesthetic and user experience, is also the intention of Ovale. In this age of anxiety due to lack of electricity, e-cigarettes need to be fully charged to feel at ease. elips-one supports type-C fast charging, which can be fully charged in half an hour. It has a huge power of 650 mAh to serve you all day long.

Ovale's new pod system elips-one

Good taste is the soul of e-cigarettes. Ovale not only pursues the ultimate in products, but also controls the taste. elips-one also inherits Ovale’s strict pursuit of good taste.

elips-one adopts Mesh stainless steel mesh atomization technology, the porous structure has excellent oil conductivity, 360 degree full contact uniform atomization, so that each drop of oil can be highly effective and original, and the smoke is more rich and pure. From the first bite to the last, the taste is smooth, soft and consistent.

Ovale's new pod system elips-one

It is reported that one of the highlights of this pod vape is the adjustable output power. elips-one’s three gear adjustable power allows users to choose the appropriate output power according to different vaping solutions, bringing users three completely different vaping experiences on the same device. The triple mode switch is also very simple, just press the key on the body three times.

Ovale's new pod system elips-one

On the premise of good hand feel and good taste, elips-one is more suitable for nicotine salt e juice, with nearly 30 flavors of Ovale vape juice, enjoying delicate and rich taste, while the stimulation is lower, closer to real smoke. The dual blooming of scent and taste makes every taste choice full of surprises.

Ovale's new pod system elips-one

Ovale will always adhere to the brand concept of “health, fashion and vitality”, focusing on the R & D and innovation of electronic atomization technology to continuously bring better products and experience to consumers.

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