Emini-n – A Small Vape with the Power Bank Function

Because of the small size of electronic cigarette, in the absence of a revolutionary breakthrough in battery technology, continuity is still a major factor affecting the experience of small electronic cigarettes. For users who are addicted to cigarettes, it is very uncomfortable to go out and smoke without electricity.

In this case, Ovale introduced a vape with mobile power bank function, named Emini-n. Small body, super thin, delicate, beautiful, in the bag does not occupy space, not heavy, carry with you.


It can also be used as a receipt box. Do not smoke electronic cigarettes, put them in to protect health, while charging the fuselage. Besides, there is a smoke cartridge groove beside the charging groove, so it is convenient to put one more smoke cartridge as a standby.


The battery capacity of this mobile power supply is 1000 mAh, which can charge the fuselage 2-3 times, about 30 minutes at a time. For users who are not very addicted to cigarettes, they don’t need a charging line for a week.

At the bottom of the mobile power supply is the charging port, as well as the charging button and four LED lights, which are used to display the power of the mobile power supply. The four blue lights are fully charged.


In addition to the mobile power function, this emini-n has a unique design, the fuselage voltage can be adjusted, a total of three adjustable high, middle and low.

The color change of indicator lamp indicates the difference of voltage. The green lamp has 3.3V high-voltage smoke mode, the yellow lamp has 3.0V medium-voltage taste mode and the red lamp has 2.8V low-voltage energy-saving mode. You want different tastes and different voltages.


The way of adjustment is very simple. Just insert the cigarette bomb and quickly pull out the cigarette bomb. The indicator lights will flash from red to yellow to green. Just insert the cigarette bomb back when the indicator lights show the color of the power supply you like. The indicator lights will flash three times to indicate that the mode selection is completed.

There are four closely packed smoke bombs in the package. The smoke contains four flavors: Milan No. 1, Milan No. 7, mint and classic milk. Take apart the cigarette bomb package and experience it.


Milan No. 1 and Milan No. 7 are tobacco flavors. Milan No. 1 is a classic tobacco with full aroma; Milan No. 7 is a Yuxi-like flavor, smoking mellow and elegant; Classic milk, with high reductivity, can feel obvious milk flavor, but not sweet and greasy; Mint taste, not cool, with a mellow fragrance in the cool. Four flavors, not choking, not greasy, very smokable.


Overall, this Emini-n is a travel tool and treasure for e-cigarette enthusiasts, which perfectly solves the discomfort and inconvenience of the short duration of e-cigarette. When you go out, charge it anytime and anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about running out of power when vaping.

Check the Chinese Ovale site of the latest product details of emini-n:

Ovale USA site: http://www.ovaleusa.com/


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