• hangsen best vape factory manufacturer

    Who is the best vape manufacturer in the world

    Nowadays, Huaqiang North has emerged many specialty cabinets selling electronic cigarettes. “Most of them are special cabinets set up by factories. Many electronic cigarettes at home and abroad are produced in Shenzhen.” Most of the electronic cigarette factories in Shenzhen are OEMs, which receive orders from Germany and the United…

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  • economic trade and informationo commission of shenzhen municipality

    Smok and Hangsen are Sponsored Over 4 Million by Shenzhen Government

    Incredible. The e–cigarette technology innovation projects of Smok and Hangsen Technology Group were respectively awarded RMB 3 million and RMB 1.39 million from the Shenzhen Economic and Trade Commission On September 27th, Shenzhen economic trade and information commission announced on the official website “Notification of the 2018 shenzhen industrial design innovation…

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