• HMI Group new high-phenol hemp comes out

    HMI Group new high-phenol hemp seeds rolled out

    On October 10, the new varieties of industrial hemp seed – Zhonghan No. 2 and Zhonghan No.3, by Yunnan Hemp Soul Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (HMI) were rolled out. This series of new varieties have strong stability, good consistency, and strong drought and disease resistance. It can provide powerful germplasm…

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  • CISOO releases Scream starter kit for 19.9 yuan

    CISOO releases Scream starter kit for 19.9 yuan

    On June 8, 2020, the e-cigarette brand CISOO, a subsidiary of the Hanma Group, announced that its starter kit product Scream series, competing for the e-cigarette starter kit market, and will open a summer two billion yuan subsidy activity. At the same time, CISOO is also the third brand to…

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  • Geyser Brands gets investment from HMI

    Geyser Brands gets investment from HMI

    On April 17, 2020, Geyser Brands Inc. (TSX code: GYSR) has reached a strategic investment agreement with China ’s largest hemp company, Hanma Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as “HMI”), becoming a strategic partner. HMI is China’s largest comprehensive industrial cannabis investment group, and is also an industry leader and…

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  • HMI Hemp Soul Hanma

    Discover the largest CBD extraction plant in China – HMI

    We’ll introduce the largest CBD factory in China, Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. (HMI) in this article. HMI is the only legal industrial hemp investment group in China. It’s based on the layout of the entire industrial hemp industry chain and oriented toward biopharmaceuticals. Moreover, it carries out hemp breeding,…

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  • CISOO vape

    CISOO releases new vape products and creates a new way to play

    On November 11, CISOO, a subsidiary of hemp group, held a “Go your own way – CISOO 2019 new product launch” in Shenzhen, releasing the disposable electronic cigarette “Firefly” and multi-functional pod vape K1. The design process of the two products has its own features, taste experience and pricing with…

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  • The picture shows the unveiling ceremony of the academician workstation established by HMI and academician Yang Baofeng

    HMI to enter vape industry with CISOO – E-cigarette industry will usher in a hard core player

    In the past year, e-cigarette has become the hottest topic. In addition to attracting a large number of entrepreneurs, e-cigarette is also an industry favored by capital. Behind “barbaric growth,” regulation and standards may be late but never absent. With the coming out of “national standard” and the gradual implementation…

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  • ilax

    iLAX vape from HMI Group with casting zinc alloy shell is launched

    Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. (HMI Group) Subsidiary Jianma(Hainan) Boitechnology Co.,Ltd. (Jianma Biotech) held new product release meeting in 798 Art District on May,20th ,2019. We together witnessed the birth of the world’s first mirror e-cigarette. Jianma Biotech published two brands smoke oil iLAX & iOil as the first domestic…

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  • Meet Hanma that’s soared on China’s cannabis craze

    Meet Hanma that’s soared on China’s cannabis craze

    Whoopi Goldberg has a product line of body balm that’s derived from it. Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness platform Goop has also added its stamp of approval having partnered since last June with MedMen, a California-based marijuana dispensary chain. Welcome to the boom in cannabis-related health products. Known as CBD, short for…

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  • hmi group

    An interview to the head of CBD industry HMI Group, Tan Xin by Dr. V

    Mr. Tan Wei, the founder of HMI Group, is interviewed by the Chinese vape trend culture magazine Dr. V and published forward-looking opinions on the concept of industrial marijuana, and views on the present and future of the cannabis industry and the trend of the combination of vapes and marijuana.…

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