VAZO vape settled in Yonghui Supermarket

Zippo lighter subsidiary brand VAZO's latest move in China

VAZO settled in Yonghui Supermarket, starting a new offline retail mode

On April 24th, the electronic cigarette brand VAZO under Zippo officially entered Chongqing Yonghui Supermarket. Backed by Zippo’s big brand and excellent product design, VAZO gained extremely high popularity on the day it settled in.

This is not the first cooperation between VAZO and Yonghui Supermarket. As early as January this year, VAZO has settled in Chengdu Yonghui Supermarket. It is reported that VAZO’s cooperation with Yonghui Supermarkets in other parts of the country will also start one after another, and it is expected to reach 75% coverage by the end of this year. When purchasing VAZO at Yonghui Supermarket, all Yonghui Supermarkets will review the age of the purchaser in accordance with relevant national regulations to protect minors.

VAZO vape settled in Yonghui Supermarket

Since VAZO entered the market, there have been a number of important retail chains in the country that have cooperated with VAZO in many fields. On the basis of the original large and small Zippo flagship stores in the country, VAZO has also been exploring a variety of retail modes such as Flash store, shop-in-shop, professional flagship store, etc. By the end of 2020, VAZO will form a nationwide diversified sales matrix centered on large and small flagship stores, with large retail giants as network nodes, and a new retail model as an innovation breakthrough. It will cover more than 60% of cities in China with 100,000 sales points.

Enter VAZO official site to learn more:

VAZO official site



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