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How to use a dry herb vaporizer as a beginner

For over 10,000 years, different cannabis consumption methods have been used. In today’s modern world, many people prefer using a vaporizer to inhale dry herbs as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and the process of heating material and releasing its active ingredients is called “vaping” rather than smoking because it does not produce the smoke and tar that is produced when tobacco or weed is burnt. Vaporizers range in price from $50-$500 and come with different features including an adjustable temperature setting, discreet design, and variable voltage options. If you are planning to buy a dry herb vaporizer but want to first know how it works, this article will touch on everything you will need to know as a beginner. If you’re also interested in the best weed cart battery options, we’ll cover that aspect too.

The components

Dry herb vaporizers comprise of many components which include:

  • Battery: The battery ensures your device is powered and should be charged fully before use.
  • Mouthpiece:This is where you put your mouth when you inhale the vapor.
  • Chamber:This is the part of the device where you place a small amount of finely crushed dry herbs before the vaping begins.
  • LED screen:Some devices will have a LED screen that allows you to see the temperature and how much battery power you have.

Before using your dry herb vaporizer you will need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with each component so that you can ensure you use the device optimally. There are also hybrid dry herb vaporizers that use cartridges, which are usually pre-filled with cannabis concentrate, and you can get these cartridges from Canna Cabana, and other online retailers. You also need to know how each component works together.


One of the most popular features of a dry herb vaporizer is the fact that you get to choose your own temperatures. Each temperature offers different effects so depending on what experience you have, you are able to simply adjust the temperature accordingly. These are some temperatures and effects to take note of:

  • Lower temperatures: Lower temperatures producemore flavor and you start to experience slight bodily effects.
  • Higher temperatures:Higher temperatures produce a more cooked flavor as well as much stronger bodily effects.

It is highly recommended that you start your session at a low temperature and then slowly increase the temperature by 5-10 degrees at a time. You should also play around to find a temperature that suits your needs; however, please note that if the weed is too moist, the heat will be wasted on drying the buds.

Grinding the marijuana

A very important step when vaping is to ensure that your weed is finely crushed. This will ensure that it is heated properly and that you receive the optimal effects. Finely crushed cannabis also vaporizes better and ensures that the surface area is increased which results in more pleasant vapor being produced because the heat from the vape will penetrate more of your plant matter. Grinding your bud also ensures more flavor so you want to ensure that you do not skip this step. Failure to grind your weed will result in less pleasant and potent effects.

How to clean

The cleanliness of your dry herb vaporizer is very important and will ensure that it stays working at the most optimal level for a longer time. To clean your device, simply disassemble it and soak each part (excluding the battery) in a small amount of water that contains alcohol. Keep the components in this water for a few hours or overnight and then clean away any grub with a cotton bud. It is advised that you clean your vaporizer 1-2 times per week for optimal use. If you do not clean your device, it will have to work harder to perform its function which results in the device deteriorating faster.

Different devices

If you think dry herb vaporizers are the device for you, you must know that there are many variations available for you to choose from, including the following:

  1. Session vaporizers: These are devices that allow only one session at a time. Once you start a session, you have to complete it, you cannot take a break and continue later.
  2. Portable:These are portable devices that allow you to stop and start your session anytime.
  3. Desktop vaporizers:These are massive vaporizers that are powered by electricity and can only be used at home.
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