A small guide to the types of bongs and their maintenance

Bongs are a popular and very common type of smoking device. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have the same function: to filter the smoke from tobacco or cannabis. They are popular among teenagers but there is occasional use among adults too.


The different types of bongs

There are many different types of these smoking apparatuses for sale, but the most popular ones are straight tube, beaker base, and percolator bongs.

  • A straight tube bong has a straight tube with water in its base that is connected to a mouthpiece at one end and a bowl at the other end where you place your weed.
  • The beaker base bong has a beaker base with water on its bottom that is connected to a mouthpiece at one end and a bowl at the other end where you place your weed.
  • The percolator apparatus has a percolator at its bottom that is connected to the bowl where you place your weed.
  • The distillation apparatus is made up of a cylindrical chamber and two tubes that take the smoke from the bottom chamber and gently smoke it through water in an upper chamber. The distillation process creates bubbles that cool and filter out any harmful components of the smoke. The water acts as a filtration system and also cools down the smoke.


All bongs can be used to smoke different types of cannabis. Some popular types of drugs you can use a bong to smoke are weed, hash, tobacco, and tobacco-free cigarettes. Different bongs for sale have different parts, sizes, and prices.


How to Clean & Maintain Your Bong

There are many ways to clean your piece, but the best way to do it is by using a bong cleaner. This is simply a mix of salt and water that you can use to clean the inside of your smoking piece. The best way to use this mixture is by filling your bong with it and then shaking it vigorously. Afterward, you can pour out the mixture and rinse it with water. You should clean your bong at least once every two weeks or after every 10 uses because you don’t want any residue building up in there.


There are many reasons why you should clean your piece. For one, you never want to get a lung infection because of the mold and bacteria that builds up there. You also don’t want to end up coughing up phlegm that has been sitting in your bongs for weeks or months. Another reason is so that you don’t have to worry about using harsh chemicals on your bong. If you use harsh chemicals, then it will wear away the enamel finish and leave a bare metal surface. These have a lot of crevices that hold debris like dirt and resin while smoking, but there are also many other places where residue can build up from the smoke you breathe out of it.



Accessories You Might Need

Pipe Cleaners – Pipe cleaners are used to clean the inside of a pipe. They can be made of cotton, wire, or steel wool. They are often used with a pipe cleaner brush to clean the inside of the pipe.

Ash Catcher – The ash catcher is a device that sits in between your water bong and your mouthpiece to catch any ash that falls through the downstem and into the water. It also helps keep your bong cleaner by catching any resin that would otherwise fall through and into the water.

Grommet – A grommet is a small metal or plastic ring with an opening in it for passing objects through holes in materials such as cloth, paperboard, plastics, or rubber sheets. Grommets are often used as eyelets for knitted garments or for stringing lights.


These are quite a popular pleasurable apparatus. They make smoking interesting and you can experiment a lot with it. People who love these also sometimes have a whole collection too.

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