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Air China flight accident, the vape shouldn’t be the scapegoat

Because of the Air China flight Accident, the vape has become the scapegoat! The major media point their finger at vapes.

According to the report, on the evening of July 10, Air China flight CA106 flew from Hong Kong to Dalian. During the cruise phase, the aircraft issued an “aircraft cabin air loss” warning, an oxygen mask fell off, and the aircraft crashed urgently, with an emergency going down from about 35,000 feet to 10,000 feet.

On the evening of July 11, China International Aviation Officer Micro responded that the crew was currently under investigation by the relevant departments of the Civil Aviation Administration for the incident of the oxygen mask that occurred on the CA106 Hong Kong-Dalian flight on July 10. If the investigation found that the crew had violated regulations, the company will deal with the responsible person seriously with a zero-tolerance attitude.

On July 12, the Northeast Bureau of the Civil Aviation Administration of China responded to the incident, saying that Air China CA106 flight had a cabin height warning. The crew manually released the passenger oxygen mask and implemented an emergency drop. It was safe at Dalian Airport at 22:31 Beijing time. No injuries occurred in the landing among the 153 passengers and 9 crew members on board, the aircraft was not damaged too.

The China Civil Aviation Northeast Regional Administration said that after the incident, the Northeast Bureau quickly set up an investigation team to conduct the investigation at the first time. The investigation team inspected the state of the aircraft, sealed the relevant data and data, and conducted a survey of the crew members.

On July 13, the Civil Aviation Bureau notified the results of the initial investigation of Air China’s flight crash: the cause of the accident was that the first officer was trying to prevent the smoke from diffusing into the passenger cabin because of vaping. And the adjacent air conditioning unit was incorrectly closed, resulting in insufficient oxygen in the cabin. At present, the detailed reasons are being investigated and verified. If the investigation result is true, it will be strictly punished according to the law.

According to the results of the initial investigation notified by the Civil Aviation Administration, it is clearly a problem for the co-pilot pilot. The e-cig vaped on the aircraft, and the adjacent air-conditioning components are erroneously closed, resulting in insufficient oxygen in the cabin – this is a human problem! The ultimate responsibility is the staff!

But when I saw the headlines of the major media reports,  they point the finger at the e-cigarette. It seems that all the responsibilities are in the vape. It seems that the e-cigarette acts and destroy itself, causing this incident to happen!

The following is a report reported by Netease. The title is taken as “Illegal operation of Air China pilots by vaping, and the aircraft plunged from high altitude!…” It is quite objective.

China.com reported that this is relatively unobjective. The source is the Beijing News Network. The original title is “Caused by the co-pilot vaping! The results of the initial investigation of the flight of Air China were announced”, while the China.com website changed the title to “ Air China plunged due to the electronic cigarettes, co-pilot misaligned air conditioning components”. North Night New Vision took the title as “Air China’s sudden drop due to electronic cigarettes”. The Civil Aviation Authority will investigate and deal with it according to the investigation conclusions according to the law” – it seems that the vape caused the incident.

Hexun News published, even the “like” meaning is gone, the responsibility is all blamed to the vape, the title is directly taken as “e-cigarette caused the flight sudden drop, Air China canceled the crew contract”!

Vaping co-pilot causes plane to plunge 20,000 feet


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