ALD Launches Its First Disposable AIO Vape Pen with Child-Resistant Lock

Early this month, ALD Group Limited (“ALD”), the pioneer of cannabis vape solutions, officially rolls out a new hardware solution – Twist, a disposable all-in-one vape pen engineered with child-resistant lock.

Twist all-in-one vape pen comes in 0.5ml, 11.4mm in diameter and 111.0mm in height. Powered by a 335mAh battery, Twist guarantees to vape the last drop of distillate or live resin oil with no waste. Twist is also equipped with one of ALD’s proprietary ceramic-based vaporizing technology – MICROFEEL. The mature technology enables the device to deliver the best-in-class and consistent vaping experience from the first hit to the last.

The advantages of the vape pen continues. Twist features child-proof lock and oil isolation system.

The child-resistant lock utilizes twist mechanism and has two sides to switch, one side is to lock, and the other to unlock. When it is on the lock side, the power supply will be shut off and the whole device will stop working.

ALD Launches Its First Disposable AIO Vape Pen with Child-Resistant Lock

“ALD has always been concerning about user safety, especially when it comes to children. The child-resist design applied on Twist vape pen is actually simple and ingenious, and what’s more, cost-effective, as ALD always pursues to offer its clients.“ said Leo Lee, the product manager of ALD, “Besides to prohibit misoperation by children, the design can also effectively avoid auto-firing that bothers some of vapers when they put vape pen in their pocket.”

Speaking of user safety, Twist also adopts food grade SUS316L for its central tube, a kind of high quality stainless steel that has undetectable levels of heavy metals

Besides above, oil isolation system is another reason that Twist outperforms its competitors.

As we all know, after people fill cartridges, pods and disposable vape pen with cannabis oil, they need to cap the vape devices within 3-5 mins. Otherwise, it will lead to high leakage rate.

The time interval impairs the efficiency of massive filling, thus causes higher labor cost and manufacture cost.

To break through the bottleneck, ALD’s R&D and engineering department work on the solution day and night. Finally ALD introduces oil isolation system and applies it on the Twist vape pen.

ALD Launches Its First Disposable AIO Vape Pen with Child-Resistant Lock

So how oil isolation system works? The system engineers Twist with concealed oil intake holes, then oil will be isolated from ceramic heating coil until finish capping. As long as oil is not contacting with coil, there is no risk of leakage. “With oil isolation system, there is no need to rush for capping any more, which will help to raise efficiency of massive filling and capping, and finally contribute to our clients’ strength and advantage over their competitors.”, Leo said excitedly.

As a hardware solution, Twist supports all kinds of customization needs, including labeling, finishing, color, material, packaging and so on. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more details about Twist vape pen.

We will guard you through every step in cannabis vaping. Your success will directly turn to ours!


About ALD Group Limited

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen,ALD Group Limited (“ALD”), a high-tech enterprise specializing and leading in electronic atomization technology research and applications, has always been an active player in the business of ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), CBD Vaporizer and HnB (Heat-Not-Burn device).

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