ALD Leads Trend of Eco-friendly Vaping

In recent years, many countries have formulated a series of policies to against white pollution, and accelerate the application of recyclable or biodegradable materials. Now it’s imperative to use eco-friendly materials to reduce Carbon emissions to our planet.


Since 2020, disposable vapes surging rapidly in many markets, especially like USA, European countries, and Middle East countries, etc. This amazing innovation allows people an easy vaping way but meanwhile, discards numerous used vape devices into the trash causing a negative impact on our environment and is non-sustainable. People’s eco-consciousness are increasing toward vaping, and more care about vaping responsibly. For now, the environmental issue has become the most critical constraint for the development of disposable vapes and eco-friendly vapes becomes more and more popular.


ALD Group Limited, as a Top vape solution provider in China with over 13-year experience in the vape industry, always devoted ourselves to providing up-to-date solutions for our partners. Early in 2020, thanks to both our insight into the trend of eco-friendly materials in the vape industry and the need from our strategic partner, we started to do R&D for recyclable and biodegradable materials used on disposable vapes. During Sept. 2022, ALD attended GTNF Conference(held in Washington, USA)with our eco-friendly disposable vape. It won the Golden LEAF – Reducing Environmental Impact Innovation Award, by virtue of its innovative biodegradable technology design and cutting-edge product concept.


In October 2022, our CMF team was also honored to participate in the International CMF Design Competition, and one of our disposable vapes was awarded the International CMF DESIGN AWARD, which is the world’s first award dedicated to CMF (Color, Material, Process, Pattern). This award not only reflects the design strength of our CMF team but also a high recognition of our environmental protection concept. It shows our determination to support environmental protection & Carbon reduction. Innovative design based on sustainable development is of great significance to the improvement of the whole vape industry.


A good product is inseparable from a good design, and raw material is the foundation. Presently, ALD is cooperating with some world’s leading eco-friendly raw material suppliers, such as Sabic from Middle East and Covestro from Germany, etc. We maintain close communication with these strategic partners and keep high attention to the latest environmental protection materials and new technologies within the industry. They are constantly applied to our product R&D.

ALD Leads Trend of Eco-friendly Vaping

With the great efforts of our CMF team, a variety of low-carbon and eco-friendly solutions for both casing and packaging come out, some of which have been successfully applied on a few of our main disposable vapes after repeated testing. Rather than the original plastic, we developed some environmentally friendly materials like recyclable PCR, degradable PLA, and non-toxic water-based Painting. The richness of materials allows our clients have various options based on their specific needs and different product conditions. Currently, those solutions are mature enough to start with mass production.


Eco Solutions for Covering


We use PLA, bio-based PLA (polylactic acid) materials, for the shelling of disposable vape. It is 100% degradable and 100% reduction of carbon emission, with no harm to the environment after being discarded. The vapes look more natural when added with some wheat straw. This solution is also rich in color options and its cost is just a little increase compared with using original plastic.

ALD Leads Trend of Eco-friendly Vaping

We can also use recyclable PCR for shelling, PCR stands for Post-consumer Recycled Plastic, it is very close to original plastic and can be easily applied in vape production. Rich in color options.

It consists of 75% PCR, can reduce the usage of 75% plastic and 46% Carbon Emission. Both the covering and bracket can use PCR material.

ALD Leads Trend of Eco-friendly Vaping

For covering, we have more solutions like Eco-friendly Water-base Painting, which is toxic-free, easy to recycle and no-second pollution for the air. Freely contact us for more details.


Eco Solutions for Packaging


The original candy bag is made of foil or plastic, it is usually thrown away to trash after being opened and takes decades to degrade. Instead of original materials, we use synthetic starch plastic or craft paper for replacement, both are compostable and 100% degradable, meanwhile still waterproof, and durable to use.

ALD Leads Trend of Eco-friendly Vaping

As one of the leading manufacturers in the vape field, ALD is going to constantly introduce more environmentally friendly solutions to the market to meet the need of clients from different countries. We believe a pioneer and winner always stand on the edge of trend and technology, to bring more value to the clients.


What further innovations will disposable products bring to vapors in the future? Let’s wait and see, pls stay tuned with ALD.


ALD Group Limited

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ALD is a gigantic vaping factory with 4,300,000+ sq.ft manufacturing base, 3,000+ skilled workers, 100+ R&D talents, 30,000,000 pcs per month capacity & GMP/ISO9001/ISO1400 SQP/WCA certificates. It welcomes both OEM and ODM orders. DISCLAIMER
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