Amazing Achievements of Hands American Vape Juice Company On-site Activity

On June 15th, the second American original import vape juice free experience meeting of Hands American vape oil was held in the lobby of Langke Building (Shenzhen Nanshan Science Park) on the 1st floor. Compared with the previous activities, this event is even more popular. It may be because there are many “programmers” of Tencent and other companies who are working in this building.

The event was a great achievement and the results were amazing.

The gifts prepared by Hands American vape e-liquid company for the event, such as hats and men’s T-shirts, were all sent out. The mouse pad and the 10ml vape oil sample were also taken away. 60% off sales (exclusive on-site activities) of electronic cigarettes, imported vape juice are also very popular. Sales volume has doubled from the previous campaign.  The people who Paid attention to Hands group blog participated in the awards and draws is turned several times.


In the event, Hands American vape oil discovered that users who care about electronic cigarettes and imported vape juice are not only male programmers who often need to stay up late for work, but also female white-collar workers who want to help their husbands and fathers to quit smoking, and even the owners and employees of the nearby stores also heard the news and came to know more and try out the product.

Due to the popularity of the event and the effect beyond our expectation,people who come to experience and purchase Hands products have been in an endless stream.

The plan for the free trial of Hans American vape juice company, which was originally planned to finish at about 2 pm, was extended to after work hours, so that they can provide service to more people who need to stop smoking and replace cigarettes.

Hands American vape oil will continue to organize the free experience meeting of American original imported e-liquid in each office building of the Science and Technology Park.The on-site participants  will enjoy many great gifts!


At the same time, Hands group blog have more gifts to send !


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