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Hello, everyone, I’m Captain Dirty. I’m very happy to meet you again. After introducing the last pod vape, I bring you a new e-liquid. Its packaging is updated. At the same time, its taste is different.

Today ’s protagonist, LOOPER AND CAMAGE, comes from ANML. Yes, it is the work of Phillip Rocke, the bartender of the famous juice bar. We are familiar with their old coffee, fresh fruit flavor and so on. Of course, the strength of LOOPER AND CAMAGE undergoing packaging changes is also good.

ANML E-Juice Review

Product parameters

Capacity: 60ML

Nicotine: 3mg、6mg

ANML E-Juice Review

Product taste

The collision of fruit wheat rings and milk, fruit milk comes with a little taste of cereal, mellow and delicious, moderate sweetness, full of milk

Strawberry spiral fudge, the taste is very good. It almost replicates the flavor of strawberry spiral fudge, you can feel the mix of grapes and strawberries

Captain Dirty says

We can feel the mainstream of ANML, which was still glass about three years ago. This vape juice can be said to be a veteran. There is still not much change in taste, showing the status of these two e-liquids in the hearts of players.

ANML E-Juice Review

User experience:

Reference device and data:
A. Temperature control box, anani atomizer, twisted pair heating wire 0.8ohm
B. Vain mod box, ni80 heating wire, 1.2ohm
C. Vaporesso Osmall


LOOPER performes best among all the three devices, especially on Osmall. As everyone knows, nicotine salt works well on all device, and these types of e-liquids are not very good. The strange thing is that there is no such feeling on Osmall.

The overall taste is very mellow in the mouth, the sweetness is not very exaggerated, it can be understood as low sugar, this is very comfortable, it gives me a comfortable and light feeling when inhaling vapor, and the milky taste echo makes it very good in vaping.
The grain flavor is average, and it will be obvious on Vain mod.


The sweet and sour strawberry flavor brought me back to 2015 at once. No matter the feeling of the entrance, the fragrance of strawberries, and the comfort brought by the mixed fruits in the back, it is really fairy vape juice. The sweetness will be more direct than that of Looper, and the sweetness is slightly higher, but compared to other e-liquids, the sweetness is less obvious.

It performs best in reference device and data A.

ANML E-Juice Review


An e-liquid with only two flavors from 2015 to the present, showing the originality and unique status.

The updated packaging has been replaced with a cool LOGO. Whether you look at it now or later, it looks so unique. The shortcomings are definitely there. I don’t know whether it is Phillip Rocke’s intentional purpose or the overall positioning of the product, the 6mg e-liquid that the I tried did not show a very good throat hit. In my eyes it is a false nic strength. You can image the nic content of 3mg e-liquid, which is basically 0mg. So it is recommended to choose 6mg, regardless of feelings and collocation, it will be more versatile. Of course, although the nic salt content is fake, in the heart of Captain Dirty, it is still a good vape juice worth vaping every day.
Ok, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Looper/Camage

ANML E-Juice Review


Captain Dirty

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