Another Criminal of Selling IQOS Cartridges was Arrested!

Following a number of arrests of IQOS tobacco bombs sold across the country, the investigation of the sale of IQOS cartridges has not stopped. Recently, another incident of selling IQOS cartridges was arrested!

According to Zhejiang News, Pujiang Police and Pujiang County Tobacco Bureau successfully detected a case of illegal tobacco operation recently. Four suspects were arrested in Shenzhen and Dongguan and more than 2,000 IQOS cartridges were seized, which involved a value of up to 6 million yuan.

Zhejiang News reported that the suspect Zhang had been working in Taobao and Alibaba platform operations in Shenzhen. In October 2017, he accidentally discovered a road to prosperity at work: selling IQOS cartridges.

After realizing this huge business opportunity, Zhang began selling the product on the Taobao and Alibaba platforms, and he invited several friends to operate together as the source of customers grew.

Later, due to violation of relevant laws, Zhang’s Taobao and Alibaba shops were successively named, but Zhang and others did not receive any lesson, and they began to focus on promoting sales through various ways such as micro-business and circle of friends.

The suspect Zhang and others are looking for a source of goods by purchasing goods from the predecessor, and the price of each cartridge is sold between 230 and 360 yuan to earn a difference.

At present, the criminal suspect Zhang and other three people were criminally detained on suspicion of illegal business operations, and the case is still under investigation.


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