Aquios Labs to launch water-based vaping technology

According to foreign media reports, Aquios Labs plans to launch water-based vaping technology this month.

Most traditional vaping devices and vaping cartridges are water-free, and even if they do, they’re only 3 percent or less. So far, the low viscosity of water has made it unsuitable for any vaping device.

However, Aquios Labs’ first-generation technology, AQ30, combines a specially formulated vaping oil with a hardware design that supports up to 30% water content. Aquios said it was already developing technology to support higher water content.

According to Aquios Labs, water reduces dehydration and irritation, helps deliver nicotine more efficiently and produces a more natural flavor. Additionally, water-based vaping operates at a much lower temperature than conventional vaping, enhancing chemical stability during vaping operation.

“We started Aquios Labs because there is still a long way to go in improving the vaping experience,” said Aquios Labs founder Jack Sanders. “We believe water-based vaping is the new frontier in nicotine delivery, and AQ30 has demonstrated this by delivering a clean flavor while dramatically reducing the dehydrating effects of vaping.”

Leading vaping brand and manufacturer Innokin plans to integrate Aquios Labs technology into its wide range of entry-level devices. Consumers can expect to see Innokin devices featuring AQ30 technology debut on the market in the second quarter of 2022.


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