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There will indeed be many new product releases near the vape exhibition in Shenzhen, China,
This is why Captain delayed the release of reviews,
But recently this MT4 produced by Artery caught my attention,
Because it has a linked easter egg with a Cafe Racer vape,
So how is this product, we continue now.

ARTERY MT4 review

ARTERY brand introduction

Shenzhen Artery Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech manufacturer integrating the production, development, research and sales of electronic cigarettes, providing high-quality, innovative and competitive products for domestic and foreign customers.

Artery’s mission is to promote a healthier and more casual lifestyle through its most advanced and easy-to-use vaping products all over the world. All the personal evaporators of Artery Technology are made of environmentally friendly materials and self-packaging. They insist on using high technology to create a smart, green and harmonious life. That will be their relentless pursuit in life.

In fact, Artery is not unfamiliar to everyone, and there have been devices like PAL 2 AIO before, which are well received in market.

ARTERY MT4 review

ARTERY MT4 starter kit content

MT4 Kit *1
Refillable cartridge *1
USB charging cable *1
Warranty card *1
E-liquid experience kit *1

It is worth mentioning that the cigarette butt experience device is a small linkage with the Cafe Racer,
It can be seen that such brands pay great attention to experience quality

ARTERY MT4 review

ARTERY MT4 parameters/ specifications

Size: 23mm*14mm*92mm
Material: PCTG/PC+ABS
Battery capacity: 480mAh
Cartridge capacity: 2mL
Pod resistance: 1.3ohm

ARTERY MT4 colors

Black, orange, red, blue, gray, pine blue green

ARTERY MT4 review

ARTERY MT4 user experience

First come a friendly reminder,
In fact, when it is not linked with Cafe Racer e-liquid,
It’s also been produced, you will know it by looking at the packaging,
The packaging with e-liquid will be larger, or it would be smaller.

ARTERY MT4 review

1.3ohm resistance cartridge with nicotine salt is a great experience,
Especially in conjunction with Cafer Racer e-liquid,
The vaping is relatively detailed and gentle,
1.3ohm is not a regular cartridge setting,
Relatively reduce the impact of nicotine salt,
It makes the taste more comfortable and soft.
But when experiencing 6mg and 12mg of e-liquid,
It’s just a very ordinary vaping.
The vaping of the cartridge is not comprehensive,
In other words, this is just a pod vape device suitable for smoking nicotine salt vape juice.

ARTERY MT4 review

Under the actual experience,
480mAh of power is not very good for one day of battery life,
People who have a large demand for e-cigarettes like Captain,
You would run out of power in the morning,
The 2mL capacity is slightly weak,
I tried it subjectively, but I can only add it to 1.6-1.7mL.
The utilization rate of pod is not high

ARTERY MT4 review

The choice of material is very good,
But the design seems a little less interesting,
Compared with Smoore’s devices,
There is obvious technological weakness.
And the price is not as cheap as the latter.
It’s not cost-effective.

ARTERY MT4 review


Although there is the blessing of Cafe Racer e-liquid,
It’s difficult to get good reviews on the device.
Excellent use of materials,
Although the excellent double coating process is used,
Still did not cover up the design deficiencies,
Fortunately, the experience is good.
Seaweed fiber cotton is used to make handling more comfortable,
To make up for an overall defect.
It feels light in your hand.
Whether it’s the battery life or the pod capacity,
It’s suitable for friends with low demand for nicotine salt.
Is the price of 138 yuan a bit high?
This has to be verified by market feedback.
So would you like such a device?
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy ARTERY MT4

Where to buy ARTERY MT4

ARTERY MT4 reviewARTERY MT4 review ARTERY MT4 review

ARTERY MT4 design
ARTERY MT4 endurance
ARTERY MT4 taste
ARTERY MT4 price

ARTERY MT4 is a pod system with a 480mAh battery, 2ml pod and ligh body, suitable for nicotine salt vape juice. However, price is kind of high, not cost-effective.

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