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Hello everyone, I’m Captain Dirty. Let’s go on our device review. This RTA comes from Asmodus in California, USA, which is what we used to call “wheel factory”. Under the circumstances of the downturn in the industry, it continues to develop. I think it’s one of the most active brands.


Product Packaging

This time the product packaging is very interesting. The overall packaging is in line with what we call “wheel”. The packaging of a cylindrical wheel looks shining and the packaging is delicate. On the front is the large Asmodus LOGO, the product name ANANI, and the product category RTA.

On the back are some common designs like anti-counterfeiting code, parts & accessory list and so on.


Product Introduction


1*Anani MTL RTA
2*Ni80 28g heating coil
1*phillips screwdriver
1*Spare parts pack
1*User manual

Product Color

Black, gold, bright silver, matte silver

The tank mouthpiece is made of PEI material


Product Details

Anani MTL RTA’s overall structural switch method is screw-threaded, including the 510 structure that fixes the mouthpiece. From the point of view of the complexity of the product, it’s kind of complicated, and it also brings us a stable seal.

The design style is relatively industrial, which is also in line with the character of ASMODUS. Everyone will find that in addition to pod vapes, the device and atomizers produced by the “wheel” are relatively large. It fits the status of macho man, and it’s the constant direction of its design.


Most of the parts that hit the RTA atomizer are about 3-4, while ASMODUS’ on a different path. This time it comes with five parts, no matter the workmanship or complexity of the product is enough to show something solid of the “wheel”. Feel it in the following picture.


The main positioning of the product can be seen from the text on the heating coil package of the accessories. For nic Salts, obviously, it’s for nicotine salt e-liquid. There is a disagreement in my mind. I personally do not like the instantaneous throat punch brought by nic salts. I prefer 6mg and 8mg e-liquids with many qualities and levels. I think this atomizer in 6mg and 8mg vape juice performs more natural or comfortable than nic salts. And we will verify this disagreement later.


The size of the product is 24mm. Under the current mainstream of 22mm, I think 24mm is not so scientific, and it doesn’t match other devices so well. This is also correlated with the wheel’s own strategy. That’s not a big deal. This atomizer fits its own brand device perfectly.


I like the design of the unsealed oil guiding slot, it makes an oblique angle, Thumb up to the wonderful guide slot.

The air inlet is annoying. Why there is no adjustable air inlet? We will talk about it later.

In terms of air tunnel, it’s relatively slender, which undoubtedly shows that ANANI is an atomizer that pays attention to taste.

The refilling holes are very convenient. There are a total of three holes, and common vape juice bottles on the market fill the tank up at ease.


User Experience

We used a single original heating coil Ni80 28g 1,15ohm in ANANI accessories to try if it withstands the test in the end.

First, let’s try with nic salts e-liquid

8w, Salty bastard green plum flavor e-liquid, the overall performance is very comfortable, instantaneous throat hit, but very soft, vapor details are in right place owing to the product’s small airway and adjusted air holes. The plum tastes very good and the fragrance is tangy. The performance of this atomizer is very good in nic salts, because the overall vapor to the mouthpiece is relatively small & warm. Comfortable user experience.

Let’s use another heating coil to test Captain Dirty’s favorite flavor of 6mg e-liquid.

9.5w, comet e-liquid of MOON MOUNTAIN. It is so fucking amazing (sorry, forgive me for dirty words). It is not an exaggeration to say that when I did not try e-liquid & coil on any atomizer, the performance of ANANI is amazing. Why, because I had no intention to delve into the performance correlating with the setting data on this atomizer, so I used the original Ni80 coil. However, the milky flavor and the blueberry flavor, all came out very clearly. This is my conclusion before trying on other atomizers. The layering sense of ANANI is clear and strong, and the vaping taste is particularly real. I fall for it.



As an old user of ASMODUS, Captain Dirty feels the heart of the “wheel” every time they roll out new devices. Although I criticized the “wheel” branch in Beijing that has not been disbanded before, the things that the “wheel” produced in the past two years are very good. It’s affordable & really easy to use. ANANI RTA has lowered the entry threshold for “players” to vape, and has brought many users an extremely comfortable experience. At the same time, their excellence in research and development has convinced its users. The non-adjustable air inlets that Captain Dirty complained about before seem to be excessive, because the air intake adjustment of ANANI has reached a very comfortable level, and nicotine salt is really suitable in terms of the vaping resistance. It is ANANI’s non-adjustable air intake that makes it better at vaping on nic salt. Besides, it performs well with conventional e-liquids at 6mh and 8mg.

Finally, we talk about size. The 24mm size doesn’t fit on other brand devices. However, it fits all of ASMODUS’s own-brand devices. Though such a device is relatively bulky, it’s wild & macho style. Of course, you can alter the structure, that is, DIY with a mouthpiece yourself. Then you’ll have a better experience.




Vape How We roll, All in TrueToy

I’m Captain Dirty. See you next time.

Captain Dirty Private Wechat: SiangCiao

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