Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid review: designed for pleasant and daily vaping – DirtyCheck No.165

The BURST e-liquid of the UNICORN series has been selling well all over the world.
Basically, friends who have been vaping shoud have experienced it.
A few days ago, some fans complained that there was no e-liquid for daily vaping.
So we bring you the new UNICORN series produced by ASMODUS today.




Box content

6 pieces in a box, 30ML/piece, nicotine content: 3mg

Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid review

Device for experience this vape juice

Device: 80wTCbox
DIY atomizer: Bishop RTA
Heating coil: 0.4ohm Clapton
Finished atomizer: Sakerz Master Tank (0.4ohm)

SKY WARD flavor experience

Grape flavor is the main base note, while it is not prominent, and there are even some flavors of berries, strawberries and even apples.
It is a kind of oil with a mix of fruit flavors, which is interesting

Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid review

SOAR flavor experience

The taste of chewing gum, but the main base flavor is fruit and melon.
Watermelon, honeydew melon and the like, the sweetness is the same, keep it very mild, not very sweet, and not very greasy.
I like this feeling.

Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid review


The two e-liquids of the UNICORN series bring me surprises.
One of the surprises is that it takes me back to the era of box mods in one second. The e-juice quality is very good, and the experience is quite excellent.
The second surprise is that the choice of fruit-flavored e-liquid this time allows me to choose it as a must-have vape juice for daily vaping.
Overall speaking, there is no new mix combination in taste, while it gives us a very good enjoyment in terms of taste.
It’s not too sweet nor greasy, it’s very comfortable and pleasant to vape. It’s suitable for daily vaping.
Okay, vape how we roll
All in Truetoy, I’m a Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid @ $44.95

Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid review


Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid flavor
Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid taste
Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid quality
Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid price

Asmodus UNICORN e-liquid brings users a very good enjoyment in terms of taste, and it's supper comfortable and pleasant to vape. Recommended

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