ASVAPE Arya review – DirtyCheck No.171

This may be ASVAPE’s best masterpiece from the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022,
A powerful device with joint name, performance, appearance, craftsmanship and taste.
ASVAPE has always been a very reliable brand in the heart of many vapers.
Looking back on the past, whether it’s the advancer, Hyakki Yexing, or the Caesar from Lucifer to the early days of pod vapes,
It can’t be said that the models are all popuar products, at least most of them are well-received by vapers.
Today we will learn about this Aray.

ASVAPE Arya reviewASVAPE Arya reviewASVAPE Arya reviewASVAPE Arya reviewASVAPE Arya reviewASVAPE Arya reviewASVAPE Arya review

User experience

Let’s talk about the device first.
It is true that dual-powered device is basically not popular in China.
Why does ASVAPE still roll it out? Maybe it’s an obsession, maybe it’s the original intention, maybe it’s the love for the box mod.

ASVAPE Arya review

The host is co-branded with OHMBOY from the UK, full of sincerity.
Overall, my first feeling is that it is tough and strong, and make the male hormones rise rapidly.

ASVAPE Arya review

The design of ASVAPE did draw some inspiration from the “Benz G” series.
The dual battery box feels heavier when you hold it in your hand.
However, the grip feels very good on the hand, and the ergonomics is there.

ASVAPE Arya review

In terms of use, the five modes are covered.
It brings the best solution to match the atomizer and taste needs.
Smart mode, voltage regulation mode, temperature control mode, curve mode, roadside mode
Friends who are familiar with Captain know that the curve mode is his favorite.
Use it to fit the taste and vaping experience you want, it’s great
I’m not going to talk too much here. If you’re interested, you can discuss it separately with Captain.

ASVAPE Arya review

Regarding the atomizer, the adapted ARYA TANK will be launched at the same time.
Equipped with 0.3ohm (35W-45W) and 0.15ohm (55W-65W).
It is worth mentioning that the atomizer does not adopt the conventional 22mm or 24mm size.
The diameter of 26mm is directly given, which is also very compatible with the ARYA device.
I think it would be more attractive with the 24mm RDA.

ASVAPE Arya review

Because the two atomization cores are both mesh core structures, Captain is very afraid of sweetening the e-liquid.
But after the experience, it didn’t increase the sweetness too much, and it was ideal to neutralize the sweetness.
This is what is better. Even the sweet oat milk used, the sweetness is not outstanding.
The taste reduction and taste saturation are in a reasonable position.
It is a pity that the 0.15ohm atomization core occasionally produces excessive condensation.
This is quite obvious to me, I don’t know if it is caused by an individual case or the proportion of e-liquid.

ASVAPE Arya review


ASVAPE Arya with its atomizer equipped is very reliable in quality and craftsmanship.
It’s also very convenient to use, and the user experience is also very touching.
I gave a high score for its overall performance
Alright, the product is introduced here,
Vape How we roll,
All in truetoy.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

Where to buy ASVAPE Arya

ASVAPE Arya design
ASVAPE Arya function
ASVAPE Arya endurance
ASVAPE Arya workmanship

ASVAPE Arya with its atomizer equipped is very reliable in quality and craftsmanship. Meanwhile, I gave a high score for its overall performance.

User Rating: 4.45 ( 2 votes)

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