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Best 10 All-in-one Vape List in 2020

We summarised the best and most popular All-in-one vapes in the European and American markets in 2020. Hope it would of some help when you choose among a sea of all-in-one (AIO)vapes on market.

1. Voopoo Drag X

Voopoo Drag X

Voopoo Drag X is a closed, pod system vape with a single 18650 battery. It has a rated power of 80W and uses 0.15 and 0.3 ohm atomizing cores to cover the range of 40-80 watts. Drag X is powered by the reliable GENE.TT chipset and comes in seven different colors.

2. Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus

Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus

Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus is the bigger (better) one of the best-selling AIOs of 2020. Plus is updated on the basis of Boost, with 18650 compatibility, larger screen and 5.5 mL capacity. It is rated at 40 watts, has six different stunning appearances, and has all the qualities you would expect from the “Aegis” series.

3. Aspire Nautilus Prim

 Aspire Nautilus Prim

Previously, the Nautilus BVC atomizer core has been implemented in compact electronic cigarettes, but Aspire Nautilus Prime surpassed the competition. Prime is a sexy and elegant AIO with a built-in 2000mAh battery. It has a rated power of 60 watts, and is equipped with a 0.69-inch screen and a Type-C charging device. There are six colors to choose from.

4. Vaporesso Target PM80 SE

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE

Vaporesso Target PM80 SE is a fully adjustable AIO with a maximum power of 80 watts. Most of the specifications of the original PM80 remained unchanged, but the SE replaced the built-in battery with 18650. The PM80 SE cartridge can hold 4mL of e-liquid, and adopts a variety of atomization core options (including an RBA layer), which is compatible with PM80. A sexy and elegant AIO with built-in 2000mAh battery. It has a rated power of 60 watts, and is equipped with a 0.69-inch screen and a Type-C charging device. There are six colors to choose from.

5. Vandy Vape Kylin M AIO

Vandy Vape Kylin M AIO

If you are looking for a truly reinstallable AIO, no more searching! Vandy Vape Kylin M is a square AIO, which can accommodate mesh atomizating core and conventional atomization core. If you are not good at building, you can use Kylin M with a 0.3 ohm spare coil atomizing core. M has a rated power of 70 watts, an 18650 battery, and is available in four colors.

6. SMOK Mag 40W

SMOK Mag 40W

The Mag 40W combines a gun grip to make the Mag series popular and has the compact shape of an AIO electronic cigarette. It has a 1300mAh battery, can hold a 3mL e-liquid atomizer, and is fully compatible with the RPM atomizing core production line-including RBA option. The Mag has a rated power of 40 watts and is available in five matte colors.

7. OXVA Origin X

OXVA Origin X

The latest version of Origin brings a new upgrade to the already good equipment. X introduces a lower resistance atomizing core, which can reach 60W power. The three-in-one version comes with the new RBA, which can be used with one or two atomizing cores, and the 510 adapter, which can convert the device into a fully functional box mod.

Above are the best AIO vapes in 2020. Some readers may ask what is AIO? Here is the answer:

AIO is a simple electronic cigarette with a simple one-piece or two-piece design. It includes everything you need right out of the box – all you need to do is add e-liquid to start using! AIO electronic cigarettes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, the most common are pen type and refill type AIO.

The pen-type AIO consists of two parts, the bottom is equipped with a built-in battery, and the top is the atomizer part. These devices are very similar to standard pen electronic cigarettes. The main difference is that the atomizer part of AIO cannot be taken out of the battery.

The reloading AIO is almost the same as the standard pod system. The main difference is that they use atomizing cores instead of replaceable cartridges, combining the practicality of the cartridge system with the better performance of independent atomizing cores. With the successful launch of the LostVape Orion series in 2018, interchangeable cartridge cigarettes that look like walkie-talkies have swept the market and become the latest trend in vaping.

AIOs and Pods: Which one is best for you?

AIOs replace the cartridges with replaceable atomizing cores. This means that users only need to replace the atomizing core when the performance of the atomizer core declines, instead of buying a new cartridge. This makes AIO more cost-effective, because atomizing cores are generally cheaper than cartridges – although there are exceptions.

In terms of performance, AIOs are slightly better than Pods. A separate atomizing core is usually better than a miniature atomizing core installed in a cartridge. Therefore, pods usually require higher nicotine strength e-liquid (usually in the form of nicotine salt), and many AIOs are equipped with sub-ohm atomizing cores, allowing you to use them at lower nicotine concentrations.

In terms of ease of use, Pods are more popular than AIOs. Although AIO is one of the easiest electronic cigarettes to operate, it cannot surpass the convenience of the cartridge. There is no need to take things apart and make a mess. You only need to put the cartridge in, use it, and replace it with a new one when it is empty.

If you are after the most user-friendly experience, pod is your best choice. However, if you want better performance and less overhead in the long run, then AIO is what you need.


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