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Hey, everyone, I’m Captain Dirty.

Bruce brought you a soap box and a precision RTA atomizer last year,

as an old gay in the China vape circle, this year will definitely be a year to launch new products,

So, Pioneer RTA Pioneer Atomizer is produced in this way,

In countless pressures and customers’ crusades, Captain Dirty was fortunate enough to purchase such an atomizer from Bruce,

So, what is the difference and breakthrough of this atomizer and precision?

Last year, Bruce released a precision, and the market responded well.

Later it also launched some accessories to DIY vapers,

Once the braised egg head is full of carvings, the diamond tank and the like were once in short supply,

With the advent of Pioneer RTA, the precision atomizer was discontinued.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

Dig into BP VAPE Pioneer RTA


Now it’s upscale. Is this Hermes color?

The simple design and the egg design of the braised egg head are so pleasing,

However, in terms of product packaging design, it is a little sloppy.

The overall packaging of the atomizer in the box is not so harmonious.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA reviewBP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

Instructions for use continue the simple style of the beard,
Picture shows everything.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review


The size still maintains a size of 22mm in diameter
Suitable for popular or high-end boxes on the market, just right.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA reviewBP VAPE Pioneer RTA review


Many friends see Pioneer as if they have known each other,

Similar to K5K atomizer,

In essence, it is very different, K5K reasonablely belongs to RDTA, Pioneer is RTA,

The design of the mouthpiece and the selection of materials, domestically, I think the beard Bruce is the most attentive now,

The design of the heat sink cover is a highlight of Pioneer’s overall appearance,

It abandoned the conventional thread lock and adopted a more convenient twist lock,

Refilling is really convenient and easy, you can rest assured about it,

The most important highlight is the halogen egg logo on the top, but it is also a little weird,

I can’t tell what’s strange, maybe it’s a layout problem,

The air inlet can be adjusted, and the bottom air ring can be switched freely by twisting,

On one side, it is a multi-point air intake, and on the other side, it is a long one-hole intake.

More suitable for you to switch between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review


The ultimate bottom layout coupled with super long airways has made this atomizer successful,

Relative to the precise foolproof silk making cotton, the operation of Pioneer is more complicated than the precision.

As to the operation, Captain will come back to explain,

I have to say that the beard is really something in growing the economy.

For example, this screw is really too small, so I bought a screwdriver (comical)

Hahaha, just kidding, as opposed to some wild screwdrivers,

Pioneer’s screws are indeed one size smaller than the atomizer screws on the market.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

In the air intake, this time Pioneer also used the more popular places on the market,

It can replace the new bottom screw air intake, that is, the air intake needs to be affected by the bottom screw,

DIY air intake design

In other words, it gives the experiencer an ultimate vaping experience,

Inside the packaging is 0.8 0.9 1.0mm bottom screw of the air intake hole.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review


A product’s success lies in its quality and customer experience,

Another thing is the continuous playability,

In this regard, Bruce attracted me deeply making me become an unknown bragger to it.

I can’t help but praise.

There are currently two airway accessories,

One is the standard dome section accessories, suitable for mouth to lung vaping,

The other is the dome accessories that need to be purchased, suitable for direct-to-lung vaping,

Direct-to-lung vaping, is also equipped with a large airintake screw.

And a direct-to-lung vaping mouthpiece is carefully placed in the box.

You can compare it yourself.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

There are certainly a lot of playable materials,

Currently only stainless steel silver and DLC black,

Later Bruce also revealed that there will be a pioneer of all-titanium material,

This is the real thing for players, much better than other products that sell emotions and dreams.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

Compared with the extend package part, Chinese ones are not as good as foreign ones.

Of course, foreign ones are much more expensive than domestic ones,

You don’t have to talk about it,

Like that part, Bruce will also launch a single product for everyone,

Spend less money and spend money on the right point.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review


To do silk and cotton, Captain Dirty said earlier that, compared to precision, the pioneer will be more difficult,

After summing up the feedback, basically it is oil leakage and vape juice spitback,

The most serious thing is that the resistance is very low.

Pioneer does not need to make too fluffy cotton, it needs to use suitable cotton to press the e-juice guide holes on both sides, to solve the problem of leakage,

Most of the reason for the vape juice spitback is also because there is no pressure on the oil guide hole, so that too much vape juice runs in,

The reason why the resistance is extremely low is because it is raised too high when making the coil, which exceeds the top of the electrode column,

It’s caused by the contact of the heating coil and the air ways,

Friends who want to play is recommended to join the beard Bruce group to take a look,

“Friends who can play are always players,
Friends who can’t play always pretend to be players
Understand and applause”

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

As to setting up the coil, Captain Dirty think it is not appropriate to make an overwhelming low resistance heating coil,

Originally it’s just atomizer for taste, there is no need to play too fancy.

The instructions inside the Pioneer atomizer can be seen,

The suggestion is, use a heating coil with relatively high resistance for a good experience


We don’t brag it, just talk about feelings

Of course, here will be compared with the previous precision, after all, it is a “Bruce”

Compared with precision, Pioneer’s atomizing is definitely stronger than precision

Let’s take an example:
Same vape juice (JAGO milk tea and JAGO winter)
Same resistance (within ±0.02ohm)
Same machine
Same power

JAGO milk

Pioneer’s taste will be much stronger and mellow than precision

The details give me more feedback on tea,

It’s not too sweet,

In precision

The taste is relatively light, and it looks very light.

JAGO Dragon Winter

On the Pioneer, the cold mint coldness of winter came out more directly and strongly

While I don’t feel too much coldness in precision

Some friends said that the heat is a serious problem,

I will not make any explanation here,

Just say that this is a physical phenomenon, there is nothing to complain about

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review


The settings are really different from each other.

Why do old friends go back and try to find out something on the data, I really don’t understand

Other people’s vape juice, equipment mix, air intake requirements, favorite power,

The selected heating coil will not be the same as yours,

Even if it is the same, the experience of others may be invincible, so your experience will be just so-so with the same setting,

Understand me?

Thought to pursue your so-called Big God setting? Then you should really find some prefilled pod vapes.

There is no fun of DIY at all like that, the fun of DIY lies in discovering and experiencing by yourself,

What DIY to play?

Of course, Captain Dirty will also write his own data for your reference.

A. The original packaged heating coil, more than half a circle
Resistance is around 0.8ohm
0.8mm air intake
Full-bodied and sweet
Suitable for compound vape juice with strong taste

B. Ni80 28ga 8 rounds, 2.5 rounds diameter, about 1.4ohm
1.0mm air intake
Relatively sweet, the vapor output is average, suitable for small mouth to lung sips
Suitable for vaping compound-type strong mainstream e-liquid

C. A1 26ga 6 circles, semi-loose, around 0.9ohm
0.9mm air intake
Relatively lower sweetness,
Using the characteristics of the A1 heating wire and the curve mode of the voltage regulator box, the power should not be too high, the peak value is about 15w,
Slow heat concentrated taste, increase ignition time
Suitable for vaping some compound dessert flavors

For your reference, there is no so-called setting, these settings are only for Captain Dirty.

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA review

Comprehensive summary

Bruce, as one of the big gay(guy) in China, has always been focusing on vapers,

And as a pioneer, such a time-tested device,

Overseas users are almost unanimously praising it, then we can’t deny that Pioneer is a good product,

Whether a good product can become an evergreen product, it depends on the development of Bruce,

At present, the current expansion parts plan is almost enough to meet the needs of current customers,

With the accumulation of time, can Pioneer produce more expansion accessories?

Let’s draw a question mark first?

Pioneer, a product for China vaper’s welfare, has no change in price.

I have to say that it is really conscience, the design is already a high-end layout,

Such a reward is equal to a benefit,

As for the dissatisfaction of some layout design and packaging design that Captain Dirty said,

In fact, it can basically be ignored,

Its taste and vaping experience make it one of the best atomizers I have ever used.

Finally, look forward to more expansion/extend accessories of Pioneer,

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy BP VAPE Pioneer RTA

BP VAPE Pioneer RTA overall performance and design - 89%


BP VAPE Pioneer RTA's taste and vaping experience make it one of the best atomizers I have ever used. It's a time-tested device produced by an experienced manufacturer. Worth buying

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