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Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape – DirtyCheck No.72

“Almost, at the end of this month, and definitely next week.”
Such words always appear in Bruce’s fan group.
So, this time Bruce’s Ice Fresh Sour Grape is here.
As a Bruce fan, I know, in fact, it had produced “Fragrant Grape Ice” flavor before,
It seems that Bruce does like grapes.
Okay, no more nonsense, start our review.

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape

Product packaging

The e-liquid is 3mg and 6mg,
This time Captain got 6mg of chilled sour grapes.
The design on the packaging are much more scientific than the previous ones,
More atmospheric,
The Bruce Choice label has also begun to stand out.
The overall style is more like an American e-liquid.
The ingredients are also very detailed.
It is worth noting that VG/PG is 30:70.

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape

There is also “Best for DL” below,
That is more suitable for Direct to Lung vaping.
Unpack it, I think the bottle is beautifully done.
Only the printing superscript glue is vague.
Some signs and warnings are all available.
The bottom of the bottle is also marked with the gorilla on surface.
As far as the packaging is concerned, it is very solid

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape

User experience

Reference device and data (for reference only, the device setting is to take care of friends with various machines)

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape

Vaporesso xros 0.8ohm

This is a new device, it should have not be on sale yet.
The overall performance is very good,
It didn’t make me feel that this is a bottle of China vape juice.
Fuller in the cool,
But not very strong.
The slight sourness brings the unique sweetness of grapes,
The taste is more comprehensive,
Feel a bit juicy.

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape

Pioneer rta single-shot A1 26ga 2.5mm 7 round of coils, around 0.9ohm

The overall feeling will be clearer,
It feels a little sweet and fragrant.
A slight increase in coolness.
It brings summer refreshment to the overall feeling,
The main flavor of grapes is still very obvious,
It smells like Minute Maid grapes that Bruce said.

Pioneer rta Bruce ni80 0.88ohm fancy coil

The decrease in coolness is diluted a bit,
The feeling of grapes is still strong,
Feel better than the first two.
Personally I like this setting very much,
It is also the setting that I’ve always been using.
The last feeling is that I didn’t get the crystal grape flavor that some friends say,
Personally I think this setting will make it richer than crystal grapes,
The feeling of grapes has basically reached the most extreme feeling.

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape


Okay, after various experience by Captain,
Do you have an idea in your heart?
No matter what kind of device setting is used,
Let’s put aside the settings,
Bruce as a China e-liquid,
It’s able to reach such a level,
It’s already very good.
Later through some exchanges,
Some friends say that 3mg of chilled sour grapes is better than 6mg,
Captain doesn’t know it, everyone has his own point of view.
The 3mg juice e-liquid indeed achieves a good experience in some aspects.
No matter what, 3mg or 6mg,
Captain believes that this is after everyone’s trial.
They are all very good single fruit flavored e-liquids.
Ok, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape e-liquid: Add the Wechat number below

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape

Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape packaging
Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape taste
Bruce’s Choice Ice Fresh Sour Grape price

Bruce as a China e-juice brand, makes its vape juice to reach such a high level. It already did a very good job. 3mg or 6mg of Bruce are all very good single fruit flavored e-liquids.

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