Buddy’s “Specialized, Refined, Innovative” Title: Revolutionizing Atomization Technology

Quick Take

Buddy, a leader in atomization technology, has been honored with the “Specialized, Refined, Innovative” title by Shenzhen city. This award highlights Buddy’s agile innovation, quality assurance, and accelerated product development, solidifying its industry-leading position.

What’s the Big Deal?

The “Specialized, Refined, Innovative” title is a prestigious recognition awarded to companies excelling in innovation, quality, and agility. For Buddy, this is a testament to their Integrated Product Development (IPD) process, which has set new benchmarks in product safety and reliability.

Agile Innovation: The Secret Sauce

Buddy’s IPD model thrives on collaboration between departments like R&D, marketing, and quality assurance. This interconnected approach ensures Buddy stays ahead of market trends and customer needs.

Buddy's "Specialized, Refined, Innovative" Title: Revolutionizing Atomization Technology

Quality First

Buddy’s Quality Center oversees the entire product cycle, from design to production, ensuring the highest safety and compliance standards. Multiple testing reports like “Risk Assessment” and “Quality Standards” are generated to maintain transparency.

The Competitive Edge

The IPD model has accelerated Buddy’s product development speed while ensuring top-notch quality, giving the company a significant competitive advantage.


Buddy’s recent title is more than just an award; it’s a validation of their commitment to revolutionizing atomization technology. With its agile IPD model and focus on quality, Buddy is the name to trust in the industry.

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