How to choose the e-cig that suits you?

Firstly, on the taste of electronic cigarettes

Each brand has its own unique taste. For the choice of e-cigarette, firstly you need know your taste preferences, then to determine which brand to choose. The main flavors from silmo 3.0 vape of ALD Group Limited are fruit, tobacco, and beverages, and a special Red Bean.

Secondly, on the appearance of electronic cigarettes

As a prefect product, its refreshing appearance, strict design, exquisite workmanship, can give people a pleasant feeling. The appearance of the electronic cigarette is a three-dimensional vertical strip shape. The jumping color of the disposable electronic cigarette reflects the youthful vitality. And the appearance of the pod system is made of aluminum alloy. The black and white color is elegant and noble, and the blue and red color is young. Besides, its material is a matte texture, comfortably to take.


Thirdly, on the amount of vapor emitted by electronic cigarettes


Generally, e-cigarettes are actually divided into box mod and pod system. If you like mod mod, you should choose mod vape. Mod vape is a form of refilling the e juice yourself. You can also choose your own e-liquid, but the price of mod vape is more expensive. For pod system, the structural design of the entire electronic cigarette, the air inlet and the air flow passage are all different.


The excellent electronic cigarette design can ensure a large amount of vapor, and the stability of vapor output. Then there is the pros and cons of the atomizing core. The function of the atomizing core is atomization, which is the core component of the electronic cigarette. ALD SILMO atomization technology owns advanced ceramic atomized core, which has no welding design to reduce the generation of harmful substances. ALD SILMO is considered to be the more advanced atomization technology brand on the market.


ALD is a gigantic vaping factory with 4,300,000+ sq.ft manufacturing base, 3,000+ skilled workers, 100+ R&D talents, 30,000,000 pcs per month capacity & GMP/ISO9001/ISO1400 SQP/WCA certificates. It welcomes both OEM and ODM orders. DISCLAIMER
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