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Hi everyone, I am your Captain Dirty. Our recent updates have been on the reviews of e-liquids. Are you looking forward to a good device? Today it comes. CoilArt launched the BLAZAR device, which is a device that is positioned for Mouth to Lung and slightly Direct to Lung. CoilArt has also given up the box mod device market and entered the Mouth to Lung pod system market. Now let’s take a look at this device. Isn’t it great?

Brand Introduction

CoilArt, is an American vape brand. In the Chinese market, everyone likes to call it a “mage”. The most famous is, of course, their slogan, “born for players”. They have produced a lot of devices that everyone can name, and they also occupy a certain position in the hearts of vape players.

Coilart logo
CoilArt logo: My choice, my coil

Product Details

The appearance and DIY style design of this product still retains the feeling of that time of 2016. Remember that it was an era when electronic cigarettes were flourishing. The full name box mod was really exciting. The vaporizer is a DIY RTA sucked by mouth or slight DTL, and the device is a mechanical mod with protection.

The product packaging comes with the classic packaging of the mage. Players who know the mage know that there is no other packaging for the mage. This is actually an inherited family design, and the product material is solid.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

From the perspective of product characteristics, this is undoubtedly a convenient and lightweight pod vape, but the size of the 24mm device body and atomizer add a certain amount of weight to this device.

As for the accessories, as shown in the picture, it is basically complete without any problems.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31


This time, the atomizer is more like the device body, with a size of 24mm. There are advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s talk about the advantages first. The sufficient size creates a very good atomization condition for vaporizing, and the e-liquid storage capacity increases a lot (measured at 3.8ml, the official standard is 4ml, is a very substantial capacity). In terms of battery endurance, it’s in a relatively good state.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

The bad thing is that such a space gives a very empty performance to the high-resistance partiality data. In simple terms, it feels empty in the mouth without layers in taste, which is not satisfying and affects our user experience more or less.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

The atomization has abandoned the traditional cap screwing refill, and adopts the integrated refill method by pull-draw design. It is convenient and it saves time and facilitates refilling the vape juice.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

It behaves not well in quality control. The asymmetry of the air inlet holes are not in the state of art, and lead to a sufficient amount of air intake.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31


The size of the device is 24 * 98mm
It adopts a device structure with a protective core and an independent ignition switch, which provides a voltage output of 3-4.2V. It depends on the amount of electricity. In my opinion, do not use a heating coil with a high resistance when heating, because power over 3.8V will easily burn out the cotton and cause a lot of trouble to your taste.

Anyway, this device comes with a sense of ATTO.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

The battery replaces 18650 with a 18350 battery. 18350 battery is used in this device for being with a short length. Compare and you’ll find it out.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31

The color of the device is also unique this time, with a total of five models.

The regular colors are black and silver.

There are also three resin colors at random, each of which is beautiful.

Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT review - DirtyCheck NO.31


This device is ideal for both handling and everyday use. The space of the atomizer is enough for you to use 26ga or even 24ga coil to achieve the state you want. The protection part is also very good, which prevents the temperature from being too high in time. And the device won’t work after heating for a long time, which is safe. Although it sacrifices the battery life of the 18650 battery, it’s smaller, more portable and stylish. However, the battery life is still a drawback. The 18350 battery is definitely a flaw in devices with such a big size. No setting data is given to you this time. Captain Dirty can only tell you that, you need to do a few hands-on tests to get the best taste you want. Everyone moves.

Where to buy Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT


Vape how we roll,All in TrueToy

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

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Desigh of Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT
Safety of Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT
Taste of Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT
Battery endurance of Coilart BLAZAR MTL KIT

A safe & stylish vape pen with a little defect in battery.

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