CoilART F5 pod vape review – DirtyCheck No.145

CoilART is a brand with many fans in the industry. And veteran vapers can name its products at once.
Today, Captain brought you a new product from CoilART F5, a fifth-generation general-purpose pod vape device.
In fact, CoilART also tried to enter this pod vape market before, including UME and the like, I don’t know if you have any impressions on it.
Without further ado, let’s get into the topic.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

CoilART F5 pod vape parameters

Device material: aluminum alloy
Battery capacity: 380mAh

3% NICOTINE content
2mL pod capacity

CoilART F5 pod vape review

CoilART F5 pod vape highlights:

1. Vibration reminder every 15 puffs, scientific smoking and restraint
2. Ceramic core heating technology, power increase, better taste series
3.Type-C fast charge interface
4. Alloy oxidation/baking paint color matching, unique colors
5. Six-pointed star array breathing indicator.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

CoilART F5 pod vape colors

Fairy white, dark night, swallow feather ash, candy forest, polar glacier, dream princess

CoilART F5 pod vape review CoilART F5 pod vape review

CoilART F5 pod vape flavors


CoilART F5 pod vape review

CoilART F5 pod vape user experience


In terms of power, the power of 380mAh is a regular design in the pod.
Under normal conditions, it meets the daily consumption of the vaper.
Color matching and process are very scientific anodizing processes, simple color comes from piano paint process.
Difference colors meet the needs of different vapers.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

The six-pointed star array breathing indicator is very suitable for the cultural theme of “Mage”
Very recognizable and very beautiful.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

The air intake holes are commonly used in regular sizes, but the outlet holes inside the shaft are relatively large.
The air intake is relatively saturated, and with the good power of the device, the overall experience are improved

CoilART F5 pod vape pod

The capacity of 2mL is much higher than 1.8mL and 1.6mL.
However, during the experience, I found that the 2mL of F5 matched with the high power of the device at the same time works great, this is also to my surprise.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

The air inlet adopts 3-hole air intake design, which avoids the embarrassment of excessive direct air intake.
However, there is room for improvement. The segmented air intake will make it easier to reflect the quality of the taste.
They can add a section of air intake, such as honeycomb air intake and three holes air intake, which will make the taste more delicate.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

The flavors are very comprehensive, like conventional watermelon, lemon, mango, and unique complex flavors such as cola sauce and fruit devil, etc.
The choice is greatly increased, and so does the fun of the experience.

CoilART F5 pod vape review

The overall experience is very good.
The experience process is relatively gentle, without oil spitback or too much excessive condensation.
It’s a very good point.
MIX FRUITS and ICED GRAPE are the most well-done flavors among them all.
The feeling of mixed fruits is very good. The compound taste of fruits is between distinct layers and individual highlights.
This flavor is a daily essential e-liquid that is very good to vape.
The sweetness and coolness of ICED GRAPE are above the middle level.
It’s not too sweet and the taste is full and rich.

CoilART F5 pod vape review


Generally speaking, this F5 produced by CoilART is a very sincere product.
Whether it’s the uniqueness or the functionality of the product,
They are all very in line with things produced by the time-honored brand CoilART.
The taste and flavor experience are very good.
Of course, there is room for improvement, including the re-adjustment of the airway, etc.
Such a good product is worth having a try.
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy CoilART F5 pod vape

CoilART F5 pod vape review

CoilART F5 pod vape design
CoilART F5 pod vape endurance
CoilART F5 pod vape price
CoilART F5 pod vape flavor
CoilART F5 pod vape taste

CoilART F5 pod vape comes with good taste and flavor. It's a starter kit worth vaping with.

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