Cream E-Juice review – DirtyCheck No.96

How are you doing with the vape devices Captain reviewed previously?
Today I will share with you some e-liquid.
Everyone knows that Captain is a dessert lover,
And I believe that most mouth-to-lung vapers are loyal to dessert flavor.
So today I bring you a good brand, CREAM.

Cream E-Juice

Cream E-Juice introduction

CREAM, as a graduation-level e-liquid, was released in 2014
In China, it is generally sold out as soon as it arrives in the country, which shows its great popularity.
There are 5 flavors in total.
Respectively are
Strawberry Mille Cake,
Spanish Cream Fritters,
California Butter Tobacco,
Banana Cream Melaleuca Cake,
Creamy Layer Cake.

Cream E-Juice

Cream E-Juice experience

Captain only got three types of this e-liquid (because it is too difficult to grab)
Strawberry Melaleuca, Spanish Cream Fritters, Banana Cream Melaleuca.

Cream E-Juice

Strawberry Mille Cake

Official description: The perfect combination of rich layer cake and cream, full of layers.
It’s like a layered cake we bite into, with endless aftertastes

Reference device & data:

Bruce 0.88ohm fancy coil
Matty 20mm RDA

Personal feelings of Captain

Strawberry has a milder feeling, a bit of a ripe strawberry, no fruit acidity.
More of it is biased towards strawberry jam.
The milk smell is relatively pure, not as greasy as butter.
The whole is a delicate & mild dessert e-liquid, which is relatively sweet in this series

Cream E-Juice

Spanish Cream Fritters

Official description: The churros stuffed with butter, fried into crunchy fritters.
Sprinkle with sugar, it’s really enjoyable.

Reference device & data

Ni80 28ga 1.2ohm plain silk
Pioneer RTA

Personal feelings of Captain

This dough stick is actually bread and pastry, which is different from Chinese breakfast dough sticks.
In this series, it’s not as complex as other flavors
The sweetness is mainly derived from a kind of frosting, which is commonly used for bread.
The overall style is my favorite,
Not too sweet, but you will feel his special sweetness (a bit contradictory),
Personally recommended.

Cream E-Juice

Banana Cream Cake

Official description: Rich butter-like vanilla layer cake,
With fermented butter poured on.
Plus ripe fresh bananas, perfect.

Reference device & data

Firefly RDA
A1 28ga 1.0ohm

Personal feelings of Captain

I think this flavor is the most surprising in this series,
The layering is also rich in this vape juice.
The banana feels very comfortable, especially when your nose exhale it.
It gives you a special feeling of rich banana and milk fragrance,
Neutralizing the blending ratio of butter and cream.

Cream E-Juice


The CREAM series is currently one of the best dessert flavors I think,
The unique formula matches the quality of e-liquid, perfect combination.
The sweetness degree is perfect.
The only regret is if you are buying for the first time,
There is no taste description on the packaging,
You can only see the picture or the label to recognize the taste.
Unfriendly for novices.
Economical in terms of price.
The most cost-effective e-liquid I’ve ever seen.
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Cream E-Juice


Cream E-Juice taste
Cream E-Juice quality
Cream E-Juice price
Cream E-Juice flavor

Cream E-Juice is one of the most cost-effective e-liquid in the world with the best dessert flavors. Recommended.

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