Electronic cigarette, an industry held by disadvantaged groups

From August to September, the two incidents made the domestic electronic cigarette industry disturbed.

1. Deaths caused by electronic cigarettes in the United States.

2. Trump flavor ban.

There are too many articles on the Internet from the beginning to the end of the two incidents to repeat the saliva.

Two incidents, make electronic cigarettes from entrepreneurs are very panicky, a kind of panic seems to be to be robbed of their homes, set on fire.

Vape entrepreneurs invested all their money into this field, but before the road started to go, there was a burst of wolf cry in their ear.

Left ear death, right ear wolf cry, this is the current situation of e-cigarette entrepreneurs in general.

For domestic e-cigarette entrepreneurs, parents do not give names, consumers do not understand, the media does not have a voice, a foreign wind and grass shakes the whole industry; entrepreneurs often lead a “foreign needle sticking to their heart” life, before considering political correctness, after the wolf, but also cover the heart burning a red-headed RMB cash into the market.

Compared with the current stable situation of tobacco industry, e-cig entrepreneurs are essentially vulnerable groups, regardless of the number of financing.

Any new thing needs a self-proof process, and the electronic cigarette industry needs more proof.

This is an old report in 2015 by the party media Reference Consumption sponsored by Xinhua News Agency, which said that “e-cigarettes are much less harmful than cigarettes”.

e-cigarettes are much less harmful than cigarettes

Four years later (September 20, 2019) electronic cigarettes are like dangerous bombs.

Four years later (September 20, 2019) electronic cigarettes are like bomb protection.

The same newspaper has a 180-degree turning point, which can be regarded as the general direction of public opinion. At present, the media is becoming less and less friendly to electronic cigarettes, and the reference news is not the only one.

There may be many reasons behind this shift.

But in any case, the industry has entered a proving period, which is also a stress test for the industry. Only through this kind of stress test can the whole industry be better.

In response to this kind of stress test, the electronic cigarette industry first needs to answer: Who can be the electronic cigarette?

APV, CBD, POD, HNB and even THC are all electronic atomization products, but who on earth can represent electronic cigarette. It is a problem. Only when the names are fixed can they carry their own responsibility, God’s to God and Caesar’s to Caesar.

On the other hand, the industry needs to be more self-disciplined. At present, the industry participants are mixed, including capital gamblers, speculators who chase the stormeye, down-to-earth entrepreneurs and industry jugglers. Everyone has a dream of making a name for himself and starting a sect. Only the self-disciplined and united group can get through the stress test of the industry and have a stronger voice.

The industry’s self-proving is just beginning.


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