Another Dongguan counterfeit e-cigarette factory is seized

The main person in charge of the factory is still escaping

With the Spring Festival approaching, many lawbreakers in China are ready to move, intending to take advantage of various companies who’re too busy to take care of it around the Spring Festival, to make a fortune before the New Year, so illegal activities such as making and selling fakes are again rampant.

On January 6, 2021, the “Hound” anti-counterfeiting operation of the Goldreams e-cigarette was launched again. The Shilong Public Security Bureau smashed a counterfeit den in Chang’an Town, Dongguan City, and investigated and dealt with a large number of AIRBAR products of the best-selling disposable vape brand owned by Golfdreams.

Another Dongguan counterfeit e-cigarette factory is seized

During this operation, the public security agency seized the main members of the counterfeiting gang. After review, the main members of the counterfeiting gang were criminally detained, and the main responsible person Lei Kang x was pursued online.

Another Dongguan counterfeit e-cigarette factory is seized

It is understood that since its launch in 2019, AIRBAR, the brand of Golfreams, has continuously insisted on self-transcendence and innovation in quality and experience, won the support and trust of global e-cigarette users, and has become the world’s leading e-cigarette brand.

Another Dongguan counterfeit e-cigarette factory is seized

However, according to users’ complaints and reports, Golddreams has recently conducted in-depth investigations and found that many criminals have been shoddy and have manufactured and sold a large number of AIRBAR imitations, misleading and deceiving consumers, and seriously infringing on the interests of users and brand reputation.

Goldreams said that the “Hound” operation will continue to maintain a high degree of vigilance against counterfeiting behaviors and wait for the opportunity to destroy the counterfeit production and supply chain of counterfeit factories. The brand reminds consumers not to sacrifice their health and safety due to low prices, and to purchase genuine products with anti-counterfeit labels through official channels authorized by Golfremus. At the same time, colleagues in the industry are also called on to boycott counterfeit goods, resolutely defend corporate patents, and establish a genuine atmosphere.

Another Dongguan counterfeit e-cigarette factory is seized

Finally, Golfreams issued a severe warning to all gangs that illegally use corporate trademarks and patents and illegally manufacture and sell fakes:

“Immediately stop the production and sale of all products of Golfreams, otherwise it will reserve the right to pursue legal liabilities in accordance with the law, and conduct corresponding legal liabilities for the adverse effects of illegal sales. In addition, so far, Golddreams has not authorized any China sellers distribute products, including platforms such as Alibaba and Amazon.”


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