DOPEX, New brand for CBD Vape Hardware, Heavy Debut At MJBizCon

MJBizCon, the oldest and largest trade show in the cannabis industry, officially opened in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall on Nov. 16th. In its 11th year, MJBizCon spanned nearly 280,000 square feet and featured more than 1,400 exhibitors, nearly 400 of which are new companies to the convention.


DOPEX, one of the newcomers in MJBizCon, made its debut in Las Vegas and gained wide attention from North American customers. Founded in 2022, DOPEX positions itself as a niche market leader by dedicating to innovative and advanced vaping solutions for cannabis connoisseurs. Unlike other vaping manufacturers, DOPEX is powered by ICCPP, the global leader of electronic atomization technology, with mature R&D capabilities, forward-looking product design and a comprehensive supply chain system. For the past three years, their R&D department has been striving to develop the revolutionary technologies and products that will revolutionize the way cannabis botanic essences are efficiently consumed, and the way human health and quality of life are improved.


DOPEX has designed the advanced activation preheating design in industry, called Draw Activation Preheating Design. With smart chip control system, the preheat function can be easily activated by double inhalations without pressing. This innovative design can not only improves user experience and adapts different scenarios, but also greatly reduces the product cost.


At MJBizCon, DOPEX exhibited the Delta8Xcel™ Series of disposable products, which are specially designed for Delta-8-THC to achieve the very best effect. The products are equipped with Gene VUltra™ Ceramic Heating Element Solution and Gene TT™ Technology to maximize bioavailability and delivery efficiency of cannabinoids active ingredients.


The Delta8Xcel™ Royal is as small, compact and portable as an Apple Air Pod. It has a stylish appearance and industry-leading 3ml extra-large oil capacity, making it high and durable performance on-the-go. Thanks to the preheating function, the Delta8Xcel™ Glamor can be conveniently activated with double quick draw, which enormously enhances the user experience.


In addition, DOPEX also offers the WaxPro™ Titan product line to meet consumers’ demand for flower and concentrate consumption. Titan is a versatile reusable vape box capable of distilling both substances. With quadruple twist coils, proprietary artificially intelligent heating technology, and adjustable battery voltage, this vaporizer brings a unique and extraordinary experience to cannabis vapors.


If you want to learn more about DOPEX, please visit their website: OR social media:

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