DUBAI IS CALLING: MOTI IS Brings new Major Hits Joining the World Vape Show

MOTI take the product to join the Vaper Expo Show

The coming World Vape Show Dubai 2022 is set to hold these days, as the largest vape show in the middle east, it offers global manufacturers and suppliers a unique opportunity to showcase thousands of products and bring together international retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and consumers in Dubai.

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E-cigarette consumption data collected from many of the world’s major e-cigarette markets shows that as e-cigarettes gain more widespread acceptance, disposable vape products will become mainstream and take a dominant position in the vaping community. What kind of disposable products is attracting vapers? Our perspective starts with MOTI, one of the exhibitors joining the SHOW, to explore more details for you.

Just looking at the exhibits officially announced by MOTI, the product range includes disposable, rechargeable disposable, and changeable POD vape products. Among them, are many epoch-making products that have attracted lots of vapers’ attention. It is reported that MOTI, the leading vape brand, will exhibit disposable MOIT PIIN series, as well as MOTI Vision and MOTI POP, and also the POD system like the MOTI X Mini and MOTI K Pro, both of which are becoming the major choice for the customers.

This popsicle-shaped vape pen, the MOTI POP designed by MOTI, took less than 3 months from the design to the launch and has already received orders from new and old customers all over the world. Its sincere work shows MOTI’s innovative ideas to the market in the Middle East. Allowing consumers to have more choices, this disposable vape, which looks like a popsicle, will surely gain more attention from users in such a hot area like Dubai.

It’s not hard to imagine what the scene will be like when walking on the streets of the Middle East with this popsicle-shaped vape pen.

It is the MOTI product launch plan that is so close to the market demand. Moti’s plan to go overseas in the new year started in March. A product launch conference with the theme of “LEVEL UP YOUR SENSE” was held in Malaysia. With the vigorous shop opening policy, the e-cigarette market in Southeast Asia has set off a MOTI trend, local customers can use differentiated products, bringing a more innovative e-cigarette experience to vapers in different regions.

In addition to the popular disposable e-cigarette products in recent years, cartridge-replaceable e-cigarettes still occupy an important position in the vaper community.

We can see that the refillable electronic cigarette is no longer the rigid impression of the past but can bring users a more interactive experience. Since its release, this MOTI K Pro has attracted the attention of many consumers, because of its novel design “flip the fun”, switching the front and back of the cartridge, you can switch the vaping modes.

MOTI X Mini is the so-called largest cloud producer ever in the POD MOD product.

With the acceleration of the global e-cigarette compliance process, the efficient allocation of resources, and the orderly development of the industry, technology research and development have become the key to a brand’s success.

According to MOTI, the MOTI overseas product matrix can fully meet the consumer needs of different markets and different groups of people.

In recent years, many vape brands including MOTI have increased their research and development efforts, especially for users in different countries and regions. They rely on product differentiation and cost-effective advantages to expand brand coverage and accelerate the layout of the overseas e-cigarette market.

Since its launch, the World Vape Show Dubai is the UAE’s first international e-cigarette expo and conference and has been a huge success in the Middle East. This year, new awards for e-cigarette brands that have contributed to different aspects of the vaping industry will also be announced for the first time, as well as the latest industry speeches. Don’t miss out on all these gorgeous moments!

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