E-cigarette manufacturer Beibian Technology receives US$23 million in investment

According to news on April 29, Beibian Technology in China recently received an investment of USD 23 million from a well-known investment institution. This round of investment is mainly used to update technology to create vape products that are more in line with market needs and design aesthetics. At the same time, it uses technical means to seek from the bottom of the product logic to solve the problems of fakes and prohibit the purchase and use of minors, and promote the health of the industry, develop and open up market channels.

It is reported that this is a relatively large amount of investment that Beibian Science and Technology has obtained since its establishment, and it has provided a solid momentum for the development of Beibian Science and Technology.

Beibian Technology was established in 2021, leading the research and development of MIC brand electronic cigarette bombs. According to data, the MIC brand is a new brand that has just been established. Its discovery series, small popsicle series, and dazzling light-emitting atomizing sticks have aroused enthusiastic responses since the beginning of the market, and the market has responded well. In addition, MIC also strives to shape the brand culture, interpret the product connotation, and give a deeper meaning to the brand.

At present, MIC’s series products have now covered major provinces and cities across the country, with Shenzhen as the base point, radiating inward, covering Heilongjiang, Hebei, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, etc., forming a mature digital offline operation model.


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