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What Actually The Difference Between E-cigarettes and Vaporiser’s – Vape Beginner Guide

First of all let’s start with an overview of Vaping; it is the simple act of inhaling and exhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette or similar device, for example a vaporizer or vape pen. The main device used for vaping is a small battery powered device that heats e-liquid into an inhalable vapor, similar to the process through which steam is formed. E-liquids tend to come in a wide variety of flavors and nicotine levels, including nicotine-free.
Now to the their differences.
E-cigarette; Electronic cigarettes are related to as “cigalikes” because they were created to resemble the look and resemble the normal cigarette. E-cigs requires an easy setup with minimum parts. They use a rechargeable or disposable battery depending on the type, plus a a disposable e-liquid cartridges, which implies that there’s no tank to fill.


  • When started by pressing the power button on the device, it triggers  the battery heats an element in the device called the  cartomizer. This is a small component that harbours a heating coil wrapped in polyfill. The polyfill wrapping absorbs the e-liquid gradually, which is then heated until it turns into vapor which can be inhaled. All this takes place in a very short period of time(seconds).

E-cigs are is a perfect solution for people who wants to put s stop to smoking the regular or traditional cigarettes. There are no tanks to refill and also easy to maintain. Just charge your battery and enjoy!

Vaporizers; use a rechargeable system combined with liquid which can be changed. Vape users like the wide range of options available to them and the variety of devices and liquids available. Generally a little bit larger than an e-cig, vaporizers also tend to offer longer battery life.

A vaporizer works just the same way as an e-cig. A rechargeable battery heats up a small element that in turn vaporizes the e-liquid in the device. Unlike e-cigs though, most vaporizers prefare/tend to use a tank to hold the e-liquid  than a cartridge. As the supply gets low, or if you want to change flavors, you simply add additional e-liquid of your preferred flavor and nicotine strength to the tank. Some vaporizers,, prefare to use a pre-filled capsules instead of a tank, which can be more convenient and less messy. In the case of Pro, capsules can be exchanged in and out as often preferred.

If the traditional look and feel of a cigarette isn’t important to you and you prefare like a slightly larger device, a vaporizer is the right choice for you.


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