China Electronic Cigarette Committee and Shenzhen Customs explore joint anti-counterfeiting mechanism to protect corporate intellectual property rights

Yesterday morning, Secretary-General Ao Weinuo of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee in China and his party arrived at Shenzhen Customs, and exchanged views with Deputy Director Chen Hua of Shenzhen Customs Comprehensive Business Office, Section Chief Li Jian of Intellectual Property Protection Division, and Deputy Section Chief Wu Xianjie of Intellectual Property Protection . There are also three corporate representatives from the vice-chairman unit: Shenzhen GR Technology Co., Ltd. representative Zhu Xiaoling (VOOPOO brand), Shenzhen Wuxin Technology Co., Ltd. representative (RELX brand) Wu Zhongyang, Shenzhen Yijiate Technology Co., Ltd. representative ( aspire brand) Zhu Hailin.

First of all, Secretary-General Ao introduced to customs leaders: the background of the Electronic Cigarette Committee and the various tasks that have guided the development of the industry since its establishment. China is the birthplace of e-cigarettes and the world’s largest producer and exporter. Shenzhen is China’s main e-cigarette product manufacturing center and distribution center. 95% of the products are exported to 40 countries including Europe and the United States. It can be seen that Shenzhen As a pioneering demonstration zone of socialism, it has the advantages of pioneering, innovative, and daring to experiment. There are more than 20,000 e-cigarette patents worldwide, of which Chinese private enterprises account for 87.3%. China’s e-cigarettes already have a global leading position with independent technology, patents, and production capacity integration. In 2019, the export value of e-cigarette products was about 43.8 billion yuan. Affected by the epidemic this year, the export of e-cigarettes is still growing against the trend. Especially in the second half of the year, the number of orders from various enterprises has surged, which is not easy. As an export-oriented e-cigarette industry, the number of cases of counterfeit trademarks and infringement of products has recently increased. The committee requested that an effective anti-counterfeiting mechanism be established with Shenzhen Customs to implement the protection of intellectual property rights.

e -cigarette shenzhen counterfeit custom

After listening to the relevant introduction and demands of Secretary-General Ao, Deputy Director Chen Hua of Shenzhen Customs Integrated Business Department expressed his affirmation of the achievements of e-cigarette exports. As the import and export regulation and management agency, the customs protects intellectual property rights, which can effectively stop illegal acts of importing and exporting infringing goods. While continuously strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights, Shenzhen Customs has established a sound enforcement mechanism for customs protection of intellectual property rights. However, most companies have weak awareness of intellectual property protection, which leads companies to ignore the customs protection of intellectual property rights. Section Chief Li Jian of the Intellectual Property Protection Division mentioned that if an enterprise requires the customs to protect its intellectual property, its intellectual property rights should be filed with the customs department. After approval, the customs department will issue a customs protection record certificate for intellectual property rights. It will maintain communication with the committee, strengthen publicity and guidance to enterprises, explore effective protection mechanisms, and effectively improve the awareness and ability of enterprises to protect their own rights, combat counterfeiting, and promote the healthy development of foreign trade.

At the meeting, three business representatives in the same industry introduced the export situation of their respective companies and recent cases of anti-counterfeiting and rights protection to the customs leaders, and put forward relevant suggestions. They also look forward to actively linking with the customs department under the organization of the Electronic Cigarette Committee. Form an effective anti-counterfeiting mechanism, safeguard corporate interests, and standardize the industry. Finally, they express their respect and gratitude to the leaders of Shenzhen Customs for their warm reception and the high-quality and efficient service of Shenzhen Customs.

Since the establishment of the Electronic Cigarette Committee in China, it has always been responsible for guiding the development of industry standards. Every year, it holds an industry standard development promotion and implementation meeting, and invites leaders of the customs department to carry out policy publicity and implementation for member companies on the spot. The effect is remarkable. The follow-up will also continue to lead the company to develop towards standardization. However, it is still impossible to avoid the frequent occurrence of plagiarism and infringement in the industry. On the one hand, it has to deal with the 337 lawsuit initiated by the United States, which has caused considerable pressure on enterprises. At present, some private-brand companies still do not understand the importance of applying to the customs for intellectual property protection, and their awareness of rights protection is weak. Only when companies work with the customs to form an anti-counterfeiting mechanism can they effectively protect their intellectual property rights. The Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee will actively establish an effective mechanism with Shenzhen Customs to jointly provide strong support for enterprises in protecting intellectual property rights.


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