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ELFBAR to be on shelf in 6,000 tobacco retail stores across France

ELFBAR entered the French distribution network in February and plans to be available in 6,000 tobacco retail stores across the country. According to reports from France, ELFBAR considers the French market to be crucial, but also acknowledges that it may be different from other markets due to its unique and complementary distribution network. Therefore, they waited until they had the right strategy and entered the French market in February 2022 through an electronic cigarette specialty store network, quickly gaining recognition and extensive distribution across the country. However, being recognized only by professionals who know about electronic cigarettes is not enough.

To provide high-quality smoke-free products to as many adult smokers as possible, ELFBAR has now entered France’s largest chain of tobacco retail networks. ELFBAR’s products will be sold by exclusive distributor SPF Group (Fimar-Marty, Pipal, SPP, and Socopi), allowing ELFBAR to simultaneously enter two of the most important complementary distribution networks. Arnaud Lechevalier, ELFBAR’s sales director in France, emphasized the importance of this move and their commitment to providing high-quality smoke-free alternatives to adult smokers.


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