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Hello everyone, I’m the Captain Dirty of TrueToy. I am very happy to share with you new and interesting vape products again.
This time we’ll review a pod system, as we all know pod systems are popular on the market and they are almost the same. Let’s talk about the protagonist today, EMCL. So what’s so special about EMCL? Let’s go and see.


Manufacturer Introduction

EMCL, when you hear this name, everyone must be embarrassed. Since it is not outstanding or famous, there is nothing to say. What made Captain Dirty test this? cafe racer, yes, that’s the name, cafe racer vape juice! All of its marketing trick lies in the cafe racer e-liquid.

EMCL pod system review

Product details

※ Device
Charging cable * 1
EMCL device * 1
1.5ml, 4% Nicotine Salt Tobacco Flavored Pod/Cartridge * 1

EMCL pod system review

※ Pod/Cartridge

A pack of four cartridges
1.5ml pod capacity
4% Nicotine Salt Concentration
Atomization core is ceramic core
Only tobacco flavor and orange flavor available currently

EMCL pod system review

Packaging details

The packaging is clear at a glance, and the focus is on the cafe racer logo. The manufacturer’s purpose is very clear and highlights the product highlights.
The white overall is very simple, and a large piece of English and a small Chinese logo at the back are not rigorous in design.
Surrounded by the brand logo.
The kit packaging is also a simple style, and the Chinese label affixed at will is also a drawback to appearance.

EMCL pod system review

Device interpretation

※ Device
The overall body of the device is black, matte texture, slightly rough texture, too grainy. Is the material of the aluminum alloy shell relatively light? But it is relatively heavier than the pod vape that is relatively popular in the current market. The design is 110mm in length and 20mm in width. There is nothing to say about the design of the front 10mm, and the size is appropriate. There is a light-emitting logo at the upper and middle positions on the front of the case, which glows like breathing. The bottom is the USB charging interface.

EMCL pod system review

※ Pod/Cartridge

The whole is also black, and the transparent treatment in the middle is actually making it difficult to see the amount of e-liquid, which is unscientific. The mouthpiece part has a treatment, airway design, and the mouthpiece has an anti-spiting mesh design, which reduces the possibility of e-liquid entering the mouth. However, there will be a sip of oil. After repeated trial and error of several pods, this situation will indeed occur.
The packaging of cartridges is not tightly connected, and everyone will see that there will be e-juice in the packaging, so it is not good for selling. It is recommended to do sealing treatment.

EMCL pod system review


Overall, we can see that this starter kit uses a snap design, which is not so elegant in terms of design. As you can see, after the pod and the device are connected, there are obvious unevenness. This design can not avoide such problem.
Captain Dirty felt that this was a greatly discounted bargain product.
In terms of experience, the taste is still the same, but the vaping experience is really not good.

EMCL pod system review

Product summary

Captain Dirty feels that it is a completely old fashioned product with new skin, and there are many things that need to be improved. And from the product perspective, Captain Dirty feels that this is not a good product. In the end, it is not recommended to buy. If you want to experience cafe racer, there is also cafe racer nicotine salt e-liquid review later, and Captain Dirty will share it with you later.

EMCL pod system reviewEMCL pod system review

Vape how we roll,all in true toy!

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

EMCL pod system review


EMCL pod system review

EMCL pod endurance
EMCL pod appearance
EMCL pod taste/flavor experience

EMCL starter kit is an old fashioned product with new skin, and there are many things that need to be improved. From the product perspective, Captain Dirty feels that this is not a good product. It is not recommended to buy.

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