Enki vape receives over 10 million dollars in financing and cooperates with Supreme

Enki, an American vape brand, has recently completed its first round of financing with over 10 million USD led by Huarui Group.

Enki brand is introduced, developed, agented and operated by Shanghai Sishu Science and Technology Information Co., Ltd. Sishu Science and Technology will work with The Absolute Best to promote pod system products to the Chinese market.

enki vape

The Absolute Best Company, founded in Houston, Texas, in September 2015, is one of the earliest nicotine salt companies in the United States and a direct competitor of the American vape brand juul. It has been approved by FDA – US Food and Drug Administration in 2018.

enki vape

Enki vape team denoted, “Our company focuses on producing disposable pod vapes, because disposable vapes are complementary products of traditional cigarettes and pod systems, and the market is nearly twice as big as the pod/cartridge market. “”Enki wishes to provide users with more convenient access to e-cigarette products.” According to its founder Katy.

Enki has transformed from the traditional and offline retail enterprises image into the “Internet + new retail” innovative enterprises in China in the past year, .

Recently, six disposable vapes (containing nicotine) and four non-nicotine vape pens have been launched in China.

enki vape

Enki vape has been on the shelf of major e-commerce platforms and self-owned e-commerce platforms so far. And Enki vape drives the sales of B-end products through brand and product propaganda. It mainly promotes the markets of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai province, and have developed more than 100 agents.

In addition, Enki has also launched joint products with fashion brand Supreme, Livehouse, music festivals and other scenarios to reach more young people with its pod vape products. Though it’s kind of dangerous to reach young people like Juul, it promotes the sales and profits a lot, especially to lesser-known new brands like Enki. New brands care about surviving and profits rather than minors.


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