FEELM disposable vape prototype review: Serect to great taste

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FEELM in the pod field is clearly at a leading place.
Whether it’s the tycoon RELX or MOTI, their most important component always needs the support of FEELM.
Today I will bring you the disposable sample prototype from FEELM.
Let’s see how it is.

FEELM disposable vape specifications

  • FEELM Ceramic Coil
  • Size:106mm*19.9mm*10.3mm
  • Pod Capacity:1.6mL
  • Battery Capacity:300mAh

FEELM disposable vape review

FEELM disposable vape features

  • Premium Quality from the Inside Out
  • Consistent Flavor Till the Last Puff
  • Industry-leading Leak-proof Technology
  • (*1st disposable Pod without Silicone Plug)
  • Automated Production Available

FEELM disposable vape review

FEELM disposable vape first impression

1. This product might be the first disposable vape taking using of the ceramic heating core.
2. Consistency taste from first puff to last, and it’s smooth and silky.
3. The top-level process assembly technology, reasonable configuration of internal areas, including some independent slotting

FEELM disposable vape reviewFEELM disposable vape reviewFEELM disposable vape review

FEELM disposable vape taste experience

In terms of taste, Captain got a few regular tastes this time,
Tobacco, mint, blueberry, basically cover the current taste of most popular disposable flavors.
The brand can also customize a series of flavors according to the need of OEM customers.
So don’t worry if there are your favorite flavors.

Let’s talk about the taste, the blessing of the ceramic core FEELM improves the taste to next level.
And the shape of the taste becomes very three-dimensional,
Again, this technique maintains a balanced sense of taste buds.
Other disposable cigarettes on market currently are difficult to achieve this.
This FEELM disposable works perfectly.

FEELM disposable vape review


On the whole, all parts of this FEELM disposable cigarette are at the top level in the disposable field.
The internal core technology, including the taste in experience and the slots of internal accessories, are basically top in the industry.
It didn’t make use of a  pod system but applies the pre-filled oil design to preserve the original good taste better.

FEELM disposable vape review

In some details, this FEELM disposable prototype is not good enough.
Such as the ergonomics of the entire model, the size of the air outlet and the air inlet.
Of course, such modular things and solutions are not final products, but just prototypes.
The final taste selection and adjustments including some details will be optimized later.
Captain is also looking forward to the final actual experience after some brand adopts this.
Alright, how do you think about it?
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

FEELM disposable vape review

Learn more about this FEELM ceramic heating core disposable from FEEML official site:

FEELM disposable vape prototype overall performance

FEELM disposable vape prototype is a serect to great taste.

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