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FEELM Max disposable vape review

FEELM Max disposable vape design
FEELM Max disposable vape taste


FEELM Max disposable vape shows good strength in taste and performance, not bad.

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FEELM’s current status in the industry is prominent for its advanced and irreplaceable FEELM inside technology.
Today we bring you FEELM Max disposable vape series to be exhibited at Vaper Expo UK in Birmingham, UK
Let’s take a look at its performance together.

Vaper Expo UK
Vaper Expo UK is the largest and most influential e-cigarette exhibition in the UK. Also the fastest growing and currently the largest e-cigarette show of its kind, its returns will continue to push boundaries and ensure an engaging experience for exhibitors and visitors alike.

FEELM Max disposable vape specifications/ parameters

There are mainly two products participating in Vaper Expo UK 2022 this time.

FEELM Joy Disposable vape review

FEELM Max disposable vape hands on


The metal feel is very comfortable to hold in the hand,
The overall shape is small and exquisite,
Cotton-free construction design to maximize fuel efficiency.
The silicone drip tip greatly improves the overall drawing experience.
What I experienced here is the watermelon flavor,
It’s really great in terms of atomization efficiency and vaping experience

FEELM Joy Disposable vape


Delicate compared to TA33,
This TA2601 looks bigger in size.
However, it gives you enough peace of mind in terms of puff and power.
The design with the bottom ring light will make your vaping more dazzling.

FEELM Joy Disposable vape review


Whether it is Ta33 or TA2601, they all show good strength in taste and performance,
Backed by FEELM Ceramic Coil and FEELM Lookago-proof Technology.
It will make the FEELM Max series more competitive and influential in the industry.
Are you looking forward to trying this product?
Let’s meet in 2022.05.27-05.29 Vaper Expo UK Birmingham, UK
Well, vape how we roll, all in truetoy,
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

FEELM Joy Disposable vape review

FEELM Joy Disposable vape review

Where to buy FEELM Max disposable vape

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