Feelm pod system review – DirtyCheck No.91

The core competing field of the pod vape market is taste and cartridges,
And the one who has the absolute right to speak in the field of pod vape cartridges is definitely Feelm.
Whether it’s workmanship or technology,
Feelm’s reputation in the industry is positive.
Today we will talk about Feelm’s new pod system.

Before reading this article, take note that this version of the product we review is not for sale but test only. It’s a new heating technology demo prototype not on market.

Feelm brand introduction

FEELM Tech is a revolutionary atomization technology brand belonging to SMOORE, which was just listed on Hong Kong stock market this July (stock code: 6969.HK) . According to Frost & Sullivan, SMOORE was the world’s largest vaping device manufacturer in terms of revenue, accounting for 16.5% of the total market share, in 2019. For more about Feelm, tap here.

smoore hong kong

Feelm pod system introduction

First of all, from the packaging, you can see the strength of Feelm,
The patterns above have shadows of various brands,
What they’re expressing is naturally clear to everyone.

Feelm pod system review

This kind of packaging is hard to open, because the size span is too big.
So you have to spend a little time on it.

Feelm pod system review

Open the cover then you see the core technology of this pod system.
Enhanced rich taste,
Improved output efficiency of nicotine salt,
Balanced leakproof technology.

Feelm pod system review

After opening the inner cover, it amazed me,
It turned out to be two pod vapes.
One large and one small,
Especially the white small one,
It’s very good looking at a glance.
Three cartridges beside,
They are tobacco, raspberry and mango flavors

Feelm pod system review

Feelm pod system parameters/specifications

Let’s talk about the basic data of two pod systems.


Conventional pod vape size,
350mAh battery,
Type-C interface,
Anodizing process,
The side is also brushed in craftsmanship
Very delicate

Feelm pod system review


It is definitely smaller than the conventional one.
265mAh battery is slightly weak while its size is small,
Captain thinks that it can be improved.
MicroUSB charging obviously has no advantage on such devices,
It can’t realize fast charge.
The difference from the large one is that this machine uses
Plastic material, so the hand feel is not good.
But the weight is indeed reduced a lot,
Very light and portable.

Feelm pod system review

Both devices use Feelm’s own cartridges.
The capacity is 2mL,
The number of puffs is probably more than 300.
With a humane digital experience.

Feelm pod system review

Feelm pod system user experience

The minimalist workmanship makes me feel very good.
Whether it’s large or small,
They all give me a pleasant feel.

Of course, there are deficiencies,
The connection slot position of the cartridge and device is not well made,
The cartridge cannot be completely attached to the device.
A little swaying, which could be completely avoided.

Feelm pod system review

The small one doesn’t have the vibration notification of cartridge plugging.
In terms of functionality, it’s a bit less than the large.
But does not affect the actual user experience,
All its functions are essential.

Taste experience

Captain tried 3 cartridges in the package,
The overall taste is smooth and pleasant.
There is no noise or any trouble when using,
This feeling is very good, it’s a great joy.

Feelm pod system review

The puffs of each cartridge is about 320,
This is also based on everyone’s vaping habits.
This data from me is for reference only.

The condensation of the cartridge will basically remain at the upper part of the bottom,
During the experience, there is no e-liquid running into the mouth.
No burnt core or burnt smell.

Feelm pod system review

In terms of taste, it’s not enough,
Scientific formula in the flavor is not there.
Or it just didn’t create the point for the experiencer.
The taste needs further improvement.
It’s also because Feelm is a brand dedicated to its award-winning heating technology,
Flavors are not its major course.
No advantage in other flavors but tobacco only.
Tobacco flavor is great and suitable for daily vaping.


Feelm pod system undoubtedly comes with many competitive advantages.
Whether it is ceramic heating core technology, vapour amount, craftsmanship, appearance or e-liquid locking, etc,
It’s considered top in the industry.
What needs improvement is the formula of its cartridge e-liquid,
Great taste is the key.
When a new improved perfect product appears,
It’ll be undoubtedly a huge pressure on peers
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Feelm pod system is not for sale but a vape heating solution demo prototype. So contact Smoore official for more info:

Add Wechat: Cloris-1106


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Feelm pod system undoubtedly comes with many competitive advantages. Whether it is ceramic heating core technology, vapour amount, craftsmanship, appearance or e-liquid locking, etc, it's at the leading place in the industry.

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