Freemax MAXPOD review – DirtyCheck No.94

In this issue, we still talk about pod vape.
There is a pod vape that has both advantages of pod vapes and mod vapes.
Its big cloud, taste and throat hit are all at the top level.
Which one would it be?
Today’s protagonist is MAXPOD by Freemax.

Freemax brand introduction

Captain has introduced the Freemax brand before,

It’s a bit earlier, so I’ll talk about it again here.

Freemax is an enterprise integrating independent research and development, production and sales. “Innovation, hard work, perfection” is their corporate spirit, and they create a good corporate environment with the business philosophy of honesty, win-win, and pioneering, with a brand-new management model, perfect technology, thoughtful service, and perfect quality as the basis for survival , They always insist on customer first and serve customers with heart, and insist on using their own service to impress customers. The company is located in the world’s electronic cigarette supply and marketing chain center, Baoan District, Shenzhen. Since its establishment in 2013, the Freemax brand has insisted on innovation as the core, focused on user experience, and continuously improved users’ taste comfort, and is committed to serving smokers around the world with integrity. It has been widely recognized in the e-cigarette market, especially in the European and American markets, and has been well received by consumers.
Among them, the Freemax’s cartridge base pod vape has received considerable praise, especially the taste and resolution are very great, coupled with the trendy color matching, it still has a place in the pod vape market.

Freemax MAXPOD review

MAXPOD details

Content, specifications and parameters:

The package contains a machine,
One charging line,
Two atomizing cores of different specifications,
And a user manual.

Freemax MAXPOD review

The size of MAXPOD is 100.81mm*21.81mm*14mm, which is just right.
56.3g weight.
Which’s not heavy nor light.
The output power is 10W-15W,
Which is more suitable for higher-grade and nicotine salt e-liquid.

Freemax MAXPOD review

The battery capacity is relatively weak,
A battery life of 550mAh.
Can’t support a day’s normal vaping.
There is no Type-C charging port,
The mid-stage recharge time will also be a bit slower.

Freemax MAXPOD review

In terms of the e-liquid capacity of the cartridge,
2mL is not scientific for such a power.
2mL-3mL will be better.

There are many colors for choosing.

Freemax MAXPOD review

MAXPOD user experience


First, we use an NS mesh atomizing core 1.0ohm on Freemax MAXPOD,
Two thirds of linen cotton & one third of organic cotton.

Then the NS mesh atomizing core 1.5ohm,
Two-fifths of linen cotton & three-fifths of organic cotton.

Freemax MAXPOD review

MAXPOD cartridge taste

The 1.0ohm atomizing core is more inclined to the taste pod vape,
The official recommendation is to use nicotine salt (20-30mg) and free alkali (12-24mg)
The actual experience of Captain is that it is more comfortable to smoke 6mg of e-liquid,
The taste will be a little sweeter,
But not too much sweetness,
So it’s not too greasy to smoke desserts,
The whole process will be very comfortable.

Freemax MAXPOD review

The 1.5ohm atomization core gives more nicotine intake and throat hit.
The official also recommends a higher nicotine content to have better experience.
Nicotine salt above 25mg is very good,
I especially recommend the tobacco flavor.
Captain did try it,
The 30mg coffee tobacco flavor.
The overall taste experience is quite good.
Therefore, Captain recommends this strong tobacco flavor.

Freemax MAXPOD review


There are not many excellent machines capable of doing vaping and atomizing so well like MAXPOD.
The actual test show the cartridge could be refilled 8 times,
Which is a relatively good data.
The shortcomings are also obvious,
Insufficient battery life.
In fact, it cannot support the normal demand for a day for its higher power.
However, the attenuation of power leads to insignificant attenuation of vaping,
It proves that the power supply and circuit board are relatively good.
Will you pay for such a device?
Alright, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Freemax MAXPOD


MAXPOD design
MAXPOD vaping effect/ taste
MAXPOD battery endurance
MAXPOD price

There are not many excellent machines capable of doing vaping and atomizing so well like MAXPOD. A great machine for vaping. Good taste

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