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Electricity: 550mAh
Cartridge capacity: 1.8mL
Atomizing core resistance: 1.0ohm
Atomizing core structure: vertical net
Color: black, red, gold

FUSH NANO refill pod vape review


I think 550mAh battery is medium in this grade,
But combined with the volume of the product itself, I think it is not enough,
Taking mine as an example, the 750mAh pod vape battery can meet my demand
Fortunately, an interface of tpye-c can quickly charge it,
The 1.8mL cartridge capacity belongs to the middle level at the same grade,
If possible, it should develop about 2.5mL of cartridges,
The resistance of 1.0ohm is a scientific value,
The focus is on the vertical net core. According to friends and their own use,
Taste is good in 1-10 refills, subsequent taste experience decreases,
Change a cartridge in an average of about 18 refills, the cartridge utilization rate is really very good,
Black and red are more versatile, gold is more selective,
The color of the cover of the pod is transparent

Product Highlights

The highlight of the product is the RGB lighting display anytime, anywhere
Various modes allow you to show off on various occasions

FUSH NANO refill pod vape review

Operation details

Because the operation is really more complicated than other foolproof pod vapes,
So I still need to talk,
Five key presses to turn on / off,
Shake twice to turn on the breathing lamp mode, vape on and the lamp off,
Shake to change the color, and similarly shake twice to turn off the breathing light.
Press the button three times in the power-on state or other light modes to turn on the constant light mode,
Shake once to change the light, and press the same button three times to turn off the steady light,
Press the button four times to turn on the most beautiful mode of the marquee enter the dashing state.
At this time, you can jump to the steady light by pressing the button three times,
Press the key twice to turn off all lights under the power-on state,
No lights can be turned on at this time.
When the light is turned on, press twice to lock the current light without shaking,
Are you dizzy? Actually it ‘s okay, it ’s OK after a few simple attempts

Friendly reminder

1. No pod or poor contact flashes green light 2. Short circuit flashes red light 3. Low battery flashes yellow light 4. High temperature alarm flashes blue light

FUSH NANO refill pod vape review
How to use FUSH NANO refill pod vape

Product experience

Let ’s talk about everyone’s most concerned point,
Friends who are used to Mouth-to-Lung can vape directly,
Friends with light Direct-to-Lung can press the key below to take draws,
Power difference, press and hold the power key to make the power greater, you can use according to your preferences,
Followed by the mystery of the cartridge,
There are two air intake holes,
One side is thin, the other side is thick, the corresponding air intake is different,
Only need to select 180 degrees when the device is not locked in the pod to experience,
Thickness means tighter drag resistance, suitable for nicotine salt vape juice,
Thinner means less draw and resistance, suitable for 3/6/9 traditional e-liquids,
Of course, it’s your own choice leaving alone my advice, choose it freely.

FUSH NANO refill pod vape review

Folks report that VGPG is easier to burn out than 7: 3,
Although Captain Dirty didn’t encounter this, it may also be the proportion of some individual e-liquid,
Suggested 5: 5, which is a more scientific point (traditional e-liquid only)

FUSH NANO refill pod vape review

To sum up

It’s not a surprise, not annoying, not mediocre, not amazing,
This is one of my ideas, the advantage of FUSH NANO lies in the unparalleled variety of shiny,
As to the experience of e-liquid, whether it is nicotine salt or traditional e-liquid, is competent,
Less condensate, due to its cartridge design, but it is not without, very little,
Perhaps it is such a product that breaks the tranquility of traditional pod vape,
It allows you to have a little more color than others, so that you become more shining,
FUSH NANO, worth trying,
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time

Where to buy FUSH NANO refill pod vape

FUSH NANO refill pod vape review

FUSH NANO performance
FUSH NANO taste experience
FUSH NANO design
FUSH NANO endurance

FUSH NANO refillable pod vape helps you become more shining with its colorful & flashing lights.

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