GEEKVAPE enterprise creed – Be a modest and committed vape company

The reason why Shenzhen GEEKVAPE Technology Co., Ltd. can make great achievements and maintain stable growth in the electronic cigarette industry, is mainly due to its brand culture and business ideas, this business goal is not to pursue the rapid improvement of performance but focus on the establishment of a good enterprise system.

Since its foundation, “silent cultivation” has always been the style of GEEKVAPE. Compared with other well-known brands which constantly introduce new products of the pod vapes, GEEKVAPE is particularly cautious in pushing out the old and the new. Especially in the environment of domestic capital entering electronic cigarettes, GEEKVAPE appears to be particularly “low-key”.

However, GEEKVAPE ranks first in terms of the trade amount of domestic electronic cigarette products. In 2018, GEEKVAPE ranked the top three in terms of the export amount of electronic cigarette brands. This year, GEEKVAPE set itself a sales target of RMB 2 billion.

Under the seemingly low-key appearance, the Survival Logic of GEEKVAPE is actually hidden. We specially interviewed the Shenzhen GEEKVAPE Technology Co., Ltd. in the hope of finding out the “enterprise development way” of GEEKVAPE.

Keep Insight into the Market and Create Full Score Products


GEEKVAPE, founded in December 2015, is a new technology enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of electronic cigarettes. Although the team has only been established for three years, and belongs to a younger enterprise in the domestic electronic cigarette industry, in fact, the core of GEEKVAPE is gradually transformed from trading companies, with rich experience and accumulated deep foundation over the years.

GEEKVAPE currently has three main business areas. First, focus on building independent brand overseas market layout as the main way for the company’s development; second, brand OEM services, the enterprise is currently providing OEM and other related services for a number of well-known pod products, and will continue to increase the volume of business in this area in the future; third, CBD technology OEM services, in CBD-related business, GEEKVAPE mainly focuses on B2B atomization technology. Solution. GEEKVAPE also has its own brand VELX , focusing on the optimization and improvement of CBD atomization technology.

In addition, GEEKVAPE has a highly experienced experience in e-cigarettes, so it is highly sensitive in terms of products. It has its own unique judgment and analysis on customer needs and the trend of the global e-cigarette market.


Those familiar with “GEEKVAPE” should know that the brand has rapidly developed into a world-renowned DIY e-cigarette brand within a few years, largely due to GEEKVAPE’s product promotion speed and good reputation from customers. However, GEEKVAPE is particularly quiet in the environment of small smoke and red.

In fact, insight into the market’s direction and adjustment of product layout has always been the advantage of GEEKVAPE, but GEEKVAPE also knows that the impact of the product itself on the brand is also huge.

In the past year or so, a series of new products, including pods, have been on GEEKVAPE’s schedule, and researchers have been conducting targeted research on heating methods, materials, oil conductivity, and reliability. And optimization, and continue to make breakthroughs, is to create a satisfying product.

The style of action in the field of mods and DIY products will also be applied to the research and development of pod vape products, and strive to use the quality to illustrate the strength of the brand. After a long period of precipitation, GEEKVAPE will hand over its own “answers”, and a series of innovative new products will be available in the second half of the year.

Integrate industry chain to solve quality problems


Although the principle of electronic cigarette is simple and the structure is not complicated, a set of electronic cigarette products, even the relatively simple “one-time electronic cigarette”, involves many different processes and links, involving a huge supply chain. Any one of these links will have an impact on the final product, or even the success or failure of a product. In the current e-cigarette production process, most of the components are basically from the supply chain, and some public mold and playing the board are also the same.

In the e-cigarette trade experience of more than ten years, GEEKVAPE knew the importance of the supply chain, so when it entered the production field, GEEKVAPE made a decision: integrate the supply chain! Only by grasping in your own hands can you control it. As a result, GEEKVAPE Technology has become the “first integrated industrial supply chain” in the vape industry.



GEEKVAPE currently has six subsidiaries of its own, covering PVD polishing, electroplating, metal molds and automation. Thanks to the integration of the supply chain, GEEKVAPE is very easy to control in terms of product details, information transmission, quality consistency, etc., communication is smoother, and problems can be transmitted and solved in time, which not only solves the problem of communication and quality consistency, but also The greatest guarantee of product quality.

Another advantage of GEEKVAPE is the system. The first GEEKVAPE is an independent controlling party, so the overall strategic direction of the company will remain highly consistent. Second, the controlling party will not participate in any management operations, and the teams will perform their duties and give full play to their advantages without being restrained; The company does not have any relatives or nepotism, and the management system is pure. Although there is no absolute fairness, companies will continue to move in a relatively fair direction.

Employees are family members and establish a high quality corporate culture.


On the other hand, the reason why GEEKVAPE can develop so stably and continuously is that it has a good core value.

GEEKVAPE stated:

“At this stage, our expectation is to build a very fair and just enterprise platform. Although there are many employees now, for us, everyone is a partner, it is worthy of respect and needs to grow, and to prove one’s value.”

“So, companies must not only allow employees to support their families, but also buy a car to buy a house. We also hope to make the company a platform that can realize the value of employees, and constantly improve the platform to provide better growth for all employees. Environment and work environment.

“I believe that we must do our part to give back to the society and our partners. I remember that I had a big feeling when I attended the annual meeting of the subsidiary company. Many companies did not do so well in the integrity process, most of them. People with weak self-protection awareness are indeed treated unfairly in society, so we hope that through hard work, we can create a company that keeps its promises. Although this will increase costs, for many employees, this It may be their child’s milk powder, tuition, and even family medical expenses.”


GEEKVAPE has always adhered to the philosophy of “altruism”, “humbleness”, “reflection”, “righteousness” and “goodness”, which are also important core values ​​that companies have repeatedly advocated. Although it was only established more than three years ago, employees have generally grown considerably. In the future, to help employees grow further, GEEKVAPE established the “GEEK Academy” and became the first e-cigarette company to set up a training school.


GEEK Academy is a training school dedicated to employee growth in the company. Although it is currently small, it has a rich and professional curriculum every month, which not only allows employees to learn the expertise of e-cigarettes, but also Training improves the overall skills of management skills, communication skills and mentality adjustment.

After one year, there will be a graduation reply, and the employees who complete the school can also receive the corresponding rewards from the company. The training is not only a “go form” but a real improvement for the employees.

In addition, GEEKVAPE also encourages employees to exercise and exercise, because the definition of the electronic cigarette industry is the health industry, so it is hoped that every partner working at GEEKVAPE will be able to achieve more in terms of ability, professional skills, psychological quality or physical health. Be good and realize your own value.

Pride makes people fall behind, and modesty makes people progress


Speaking of the views on the vape industry, GEEKVAPE believes that e-cigarettes have been increasing in terms of public acceptance compared to previous years. From the previous doubts, more and more excellent companies have entered the industry, reflecting the recognition of the electronic cigarette industry. “Technology changes life” currently exists in all walks of life. For e-cigarettes, for GEEKVAPE, we prefer to provide consumers with a new nicotine intake method, which is a healthier nicotine carrier.

“I have been doing e-cigarettes for ten years. I saw that this industry has provided many people with a lot of opportunities for success. In the long run, it is a sunrise industry.” GEEKVAPE executives added: “You said a lot of data analysis may not be given and clear, but I am absolutely confident in my small partners and the industry.”

As far as regulations are concerned, GEEKVAPE’s position is very clear. Whether it is foreign TPD, FDA or domestic related regulations, standards and norms, it is to help the industry grow healthily. Without rules, the most basic thing for a company is to “ Obeying the rules, so e-cigarette legislation will not cause trouble for GEEKVAPE.

Never think that suffering is a tribulation. In fact, suffering is a way to make a business better. As long as the mentality is correct, the team is good enough, and many bad things can be positive. As the Japanese business god Inamori Kazuo said: “When we are good, we are called to develop our performance. When we are not good, we are called to expand our business.” Therefore, GEEKVAPE is able to develop more products and make more innovations.


The problem facing GEEKVAPE is that it has a short set-up time. There are a lot of places to learn in the accumulation of deposits, including the process system, production links and processes of established companies, especially the incentive mechanism that helps the company grow. Need further optimization.

In fact, the most fundamental problem is how to make the product good and exquisite. After all, in the process of rapid growth, the team must try and try, go through, and polish in the process of growing up and learning. Therefore, the key to a good enterprise lies in the inner To be strong, the external environment is only the way to temper.

At the end of the interview, GEEKVAPE also gave an explanation for the author’s “low-key” question. In the final analysis, “Pride makes people fall behind, and modesty makes people progress.” When the brand wins more applause outside, the insiders will be more impetuous. “GEEKVAPE hopes to calmly analyze and judge the problems existing in the market and the company, and then truly strive to create a fair and equitable atmosphere, so that employees can get good growth and benefits.” This is what we hope to do!

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