Germany considers ban on disposable vapes amid pressure from EU

The state of Bavaria has submitted an initiative to the German national parliament, calling for an EU-wide ban on disposable e-cigarettes due to an increase of 40% in sales in 2022 and improper disposal of non-rechargeable batteries.

The initiative has garnered support from various political parties and German states. The Bundesrat Environment Committee is to discuss the ban proposal on 16th February. Meanwhile, in other countries, similar initiatives are being considered.

A cross-party bill to prohibit the sale of disposable e-cigarettes has been put forward in the UK, while Scotland and Ireland are reviewing the environmental impact of single-use vapes. France has been considering various ways of tackling disposable e-cigs, with some NGOs calling for a tax on disposables.

Speaking of the positive sides of vapes, apart from the personal benefits that vapes offer, they can have a satisfying impact on the environment and public health. Unlike traditional cigarettes, vapes do not produce harmful secondhand smoke or contribute to littering with discarded cigarette butts. Additionally, vaping can be a tool for harm reduction, potentially saving lives by helping people quit smoking.

With the rise of disposable vapes, users can now enjoy the same benefits of vaping without the environmental impact of traditional vapes. Furthermore, the manufacturing process of disposable vapes can be more sustainable compared to traditional vapes as they require fewer materials and components, reducing waste and carbon footprint. Overall, vaping can be a part of the solution for creating a healthier and cleaner world.



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